Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Spirit {in pictures}

This week's pictures document the Christmas celebrations from this last weekend. Saturday was super busy with two Christmas parties. Our church hosts a monthly military breakfast, December's event was Christmas themed. I posted a picture of the winning gingerbread creation: the Nativity. Over achievers! I included a picture of our entry: a helicopter. Yes, a helicopter, not a "race thing" as other competitors were calling it.

Our second party was for all the families of deployed Marines. The party was a BIG production and my kids had a blast. Temporary tattoos, balloon creations, inflatable games, and crafts occupied their time. We had a nice meal and the kids were given gifts. My son declared Saturday 'the best day ever'! 

This week we made chocolate covered pretzels for our neighbors. My plan was to bake cookies but I did not have time. Pretzel treats are quick, easy, and well received. For our teachers, we did simple Santa bowls with treats. The entire gift cost $5-6. I took time to write a personalized 'thank you' note for each teacher. I feel we have hit the teacher jackpot this year. I want them all to know it!

What would be a week in December without the elf? He continues to bring joy through mischief to our home. This elf creates daily messes for me to clean up. I'm guessing Santa runs a pretty tight ship at the North Pole and elf is just blowing off some pent up energy. Poor Buddy!

Elf and Daddy Doll were protecting the Christmas tree.

Snow Fort!

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Happy Friday!



  1. I love all the pictures, especially the Elf ones. :)

  2. Cute elf on the shelf photos!
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