Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gratitude Journal & Link Up #8

Gratitude has been at the forefront of my mind this week. In addition to journaling, our women's group took the time to share our own blessings this week. Much like this link up, it was personal and thought provoking. When others began sharing, I found myself saying "Oh yeah, me too!" I love the effects of gratitude journaling. It really does the heart good. 

Please link up below if you would like to join our community of bloggers posting gratitude this week. 

It was a busy weekend in a good way. Yesterday we had Christmas parties at church and my husband's work. I am grateful for the busy-ness.  I am grateful for the kid focused activities. They need special moments. I am grateful to have spent time with other wives from my husband's work. I really didn't know them prior to yesterday and they were a great bunch of gals. We entered the gingerbread competition and had a blast trying to construct a helicopter out of graham crackers. I am grateful for our church. I have never felt a more perfect fit. I am grateful to know God and have Him during this deployment. It's a completely different experience.

I am grateful for the generosity of the party planners and volunteers yesterday.   I would guess they had a long list of things to do. Thankfully, they put it aside for a few hours to ensure my kids could be pampered with temporary tattoos and glittery paper crafts. You never know what 3 hours of your time means to someone else.  

I am grateful for life. Do you ever feel that way? It really is a gift to live another day. If you have lost someone special, then you know it in a very real way. 

I am grateful for my health. I am grateful for my families' health. I journal this a lot. It's the ultimate blessing!

I am grateful for December. The month of Christmas. As much as we get preoccupied with gifts and pretty decorations, we cannot deny the reason we celebrate. Jesus. Not comfortable with the five letter word. Then think of the ultimate gift as LOVE. Try not to lose sight, especially the closer we get to the 25th.

I am grateful this holiday will be spent with family. My mood has lifted considerably knowing this.

I am grateful I finished my laundry last night. If you do laundry for more than one person, then you know it's something to be grateful for. I will enjoy all 6 hours of being laundry-free! 

*Pictures to come. Computer and phone not getting along*



  1. I am really loving your list this week!! I am also so grateful for this season and the celebration of both Jesus and Love!!
    Sounds like you had a great week!!

  2. Everyday life offers us so many things to be grateful for. It's so easy to get distracted with all the negative in our lives and never even see the positives. I love that you Journal the positives. We should all do that to keep things in perspective.