Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Preparing for Thanksgiving (Pinterest Style)

I am devoting this week to all things Thanksgiving. Here is some effortless fodder to get you in the holiday spirit. Or me in the holiday spirit. Not quite sure who needs it more.

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? I'm getting there. I had a small panic attack last night at the commissary. Grocery store, for you civilian folks. Everyone had carts full of Thanksgiving fixings. Surrounded by all those turkeys, stuffing mixes, and potatoes, made me feel overwhelmed. Like I was missing something. 

I chose to carry on this week as if it were any other week. Thanksgiving has only been a thought in the back of my mind. The visual of last minute shoppers filling their carts clouded my mind all the way home. After unloading our groceries, I stood in the kitchen and burst into tears. Of course, the kids were there to watch. *sigh* I really don't like to do that to them. They were kind enough to initiate a group hug. I pulled it together and we are moving on. 

On Thursday, I will definitely be missing my husband and family in Iowa. I'm not sure why I talked myself out of those four plane tickets. Oh that's right, the $2K price tag. I knew something was making me think I could do this without them. However, the absence of tradition will not deter me. We will celebrate with my husband's family and have a traditional turkey dinner. The kids will see their (great) aunt & (great) uncle & great-grandma & great-grandpa. And the world will be right.

I haven't been totally ignoring the holiday. I pinned some Thanksgiving pics on Pinterest. Isn't pinning a form of celebration?!? And now I'm spreading the joy with you! I'm a true Thanksgiving ambassador.

Picture via The Winthrop Chronicles
I love a beautiful Thanksgiving table. This one looks like something you could pull off inexpensively. Especially if you live in a forest, right? Just kidding. I really do like this table decor. If I were hosting, I would totally go cut up a tree. And have my kids snag some branches. Pick some berries. Whatever it takes to make a table look "earthy".

Picture via Homebased Mom
Oh, and I would decorate my mantle? Because if you live in the forest, chances are you have a fireplace. I'm a fan of holiday themed mantle decor. In this photo mantle, I especially like the Thankful wall art. As many of you know, I'm a gratitude journal-er. In fact, I host a Sunday Gratitude linkup. There is always an open invitation for you to join me. I will never claim to be the happiest person but I'm definitely a happier and more thankful person.

Picture via Paula Deen.com

Iced Pumpkin Cookies
Food is the best part of Thanksgiving. Dinner is not complete without green bean casserole (Paula Deen's preferred). And something made with pumpkin...pie, bread, or even better, cookies!

Via Lucia K Jewelry Design
You must look cute, especially if you are celebrating with the in-laws. And be comfortable. Leave a little wiggle room for eating way too much carbs food. Unfortunately, I will not be wearing sweaters or long sleeves this year. But if I lived somewhere wonderful like, anywhere but the Southwest, I would wear something like this outfit.

Via Costco.com

And never forget the host/hostess gift. It's necessary. Even if it's for your mom. Have you ever opened your home to a crowd of people? Then you know the stress. Bring a bottle of Riesling (perfect match for turkey), a candle, or some chocolates. Something to say 'Thank you'. If you decide to skip the gift, then at least do the dishes!

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  1. Thanks for commenting :-)
    I love Thanksgiving and In love these ideas.


    You can also see my modest fashion @ www.stilldeeperstyle.blogspot.com

  2. awww! hugs to you!!! one of these Sundays I WILL be linking up!

  3. Hi! I am visiting from Tell Me About It and had to comment :) First, I love your pins! That table is beatuiful and I love the quote on the picture above the mantle, and green bean casterolle is my favorite! Second, THANK YOU for the sacrifice you and your family are making this holiday season (and all the days inbetween). I am truely thankful for the service of your husband - it is because of him and the other military men and women that my family and I can celebrate Thanksgiving safely together - THANK YOU! I cant imagine how hard it must be to be away from your hubsand (I haven't read much of your blog yet, but I gather from this post that he is deployed right now). I am your newest follower and cant wait to read more :)

  4. Hugs!!! I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving my friend. You are certainly being thought of.

  5. These are fabulous pins! I hope your Thanksgiving is enjoyable despite your missing your husband and family. I am sending a hug your way and warm thoughts for a blessed holiday.

  6. Totally loving the outfit choice! I love Pinterest..it makes me feel completely inept at life! Oh well...one day I will get there!
    Love the pins!

    Thank you again for coming by Raising Reagan.


    Happy Holidays :)

  7. Hi Nicole, thanks for the pin. you have great style!

  8. I LOVE That sweater! Where can I find it or a pattern?