Friday, November 2, 2012

Confessional (Insta)Friday: Halloween Recap

I am sure we can all agree this was a busy week. It is fun to start the week in one month and end in the next month. It makes me feel like I am accomplishing something.  Not to mention, we celebrated a holiday in mid-week. Bonus! 

My phone pictures documented the changes so well. I'm always snapping pics and posting to Instagram. Why don't you join me? I'm @semperfifam. I will follow back!

I confess...I'm a pizza snob. There I said it. It's embarrassing but I'm not a fan of "cheap" pizza. It's just not my thing. My kids love cheap pizza though. And I will buy the $5 pizza when I'm in the mood for salad. Last weekend we found a great local pizza place with possibly the best pizza around. A total success.

I confess...cleanliness will kill "best" anything for me every time! The pizza was great but the tables were sticky. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt because it was busy. Next time, I packing the Clorox wipes. Not even kidding!

I confess...our next stop was Barnes & Noble. My favorite place to kill time. Much like Target, it's entertainment.

I works for me because I'm a book junkie. Library or book store, I don't care. I can spend hours. However, I usually buy a book which defeats the purpose!

I confess...this time I found a great book called A New Teenager By Friday. I really need to read this book. When I opened to a random page,  there was the below listUm... This Is My Life!
"Likes and dislikes are as changeable as a lightbulb." Yes!! 

I confess... I participated in my first blog swap last week. I was a little worried. I even emailed my partner to make sure we were still good before sending my package. I didn't get a reply due to an email goof and decided to send the box anyway. I got my package early this week. It was filled with such wonderful things including a owl mug. My daughter has laid claim to it. Owls are her favorite (this week).

I confess...I'm teaching myself to sew. And it ain't pretty. Honestly. Crooked seams, bunching fabric, broken thread. It happens! But this week, I finished my 9th baby burp cloth. Woohoo!

I confess...Halloween crept up on me this year. On Monday, I had two costumes to put together and a three pumpkins to decorate. No big right?

I confess...I got everything accomplished by 4:30pm on Wednesday. Nothing like waiting until the last minute. But the kids had a blast and loved their costumes. There was a Pokemon Trainer, a StormTrooper, and a cute witch. They were adorable. Do your kid(s) love Halloween as much as my three children? It's fun to watch their excitement.

I confess... November 1st is officially Halloween Clean Up Day. Unlike my children, I am not a big fan of Halloween and I am ready to move on. Up went my very limited Thanksgiving decorations and Halloween decor went into storage. 

I confess... the Halloween pumpkins still remain on the front porch. Not sure what to do with them. Would it be terrible to find a hiking trail and smash them? My kids would have so much fun!

I confess... I'm excited another weekend is here. Which means another Sunday Gratitude Linkup! Every Sunday I post my gratitude and recently made it a link up for other bloggers to join. I would love for you to join me! I am just beginning to build this community of bloggers; I would love to grow and create a positive link up for all!
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  1. LOVE the "boo" pumpkin!!!! Who needs a master carver. Look how cute that turned out. Also, owl mug is super cute. No wonder why she claimed it. I say you were super mom this week. Good job!!! Was that the Temecula Pizza Co. you are talking about?

    1. Yes on the pizza :) Not quite so sure about the super mom thing :)

  2. Target and Barns and Noble are my happy places too : )

    Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween!

  3. I so love Target, makes me happy. :) I'm a pizza snob too so to cure that I make my own. :)

  4. That pizza looks so good! I'm a total pizza snob too. :) I did a swap too and I'm nervous about the same thing. Fingers crossed! Your Halloween pics look so fun! I love your decor.

    And, to answer your question on my blog, the bird you asked about is a Brazilian Cardinal.

  5. I think we need a virtual Target and pizza night gals!

  6. Oh wow, I LOVE that black pumpkin. How cool. And now I'm craving's 8:30 am and I want one NOW.

  7. Hi new to your blog from the weekend blog walk I'm looking forward to your posts. I'm a daddy blogger and I blog about my wonderful family.