Monday, February 13, 2017


It's not often that we do weekending well. This weekend felt like a celebration and we were pulling out all the stops. I say that with mild sarcasm because we didn't do anything too extravagant. We did make a point to enjoy near 80 degree temps in February. I told you it was a Wacky Winter

Sunday was so warm. The beach was screaming our name. We drove all the way to base to go to Onslow Beach. A beach that is notorious for shark teeth (or some kind of teeth, you know I'm a skeptic). After walking about 50 yards, we couldn't hang. It was incredibly windy and cold. In the picture about you can see streaks of white. That is the sand blowing across the beach. Ouch!
We weren't prepared so we spent a total of 5 minutes and left. 

The colors of the beaches out here are so pretty. 
I've heard it called the Crystal Coast which totally makes sense. 
I had no idea the beaches were like this here. 
I'm definitely getting an itching for summer days.
Slowly, I'm starting to adjust (I think).

Saturday was gorgeous weather too.
Zac was "bored" because he ran out of screen time.
He got a little picky about what chores to do last week.
Of course, there is nothing to do around here...
Typical teenage complaints!

Mom can always come up with ideas that don't include video games.
Dad is good about implementing those ideas :)

I feel like a lot of people have certain ideas about who I am and what I like.
I might enjoy my "city girl" life, but I grew up country. 
My aim is pretty good :)

What is a weekend without reading?
I finished We Should All Be Feminists and The Mothers this weekend. 
I highly recommend We Should All Be Feminists. It's only 40 pages and very concisely written.
It is not in-your-face, angry feminist views. 
It's a gentle prodding of norms we probably shouldn't hold.
The Mothers was an okay book. It's stand out quality was the setting was in Oceanside, California.
It was so familiar to me and I loved that!
The Magnolia Story is up next.

 And this happened. I registered for my GRE seat.
I've been wanting to go back to school for a long time but I keep putting it off.
No more excuses or procrastinating.
I have 30 days to seriously study for this test.
Hoping grad school will be a reality this fall.

I almost forgot to tell you what we are celebrating! 
No more basketball games to take up our entire Saturday :)
Derrick's team is going out on top. 
Zac's team at the bottom.
Both ways, the boys had fun.
And the basketball program was excellent here. 
It is very much for every child (sport lovers and non-sport lovers). 
I can say that because I have one of each :)
The coaches were amazing!



  1. I love that your husband enforces your fun ideas of what to do that doesn't involve some sort of electronic! And hooray for getting reading done! I wish that I'd had more time to read this past weekend, but I guess it'll just have to wait!

  2. What a fun weekend!!! :) Onslow beach looks amazing.

  3. Good luck with your GRE prep!! Seriously, wasn't this weekend amazing?! I'm just hoping it doesn't mean that we'll be into the 90s by April ;) For now, I'll take it!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  4. I do think most people don't realize what modern day feminism really is. But then again most groups have the most "vocal" members that make a bad name for them

  5. I'm hoping the worst of winter is over!!!
    Enjoy The Magnolia Story - I loved that book!!!

  6. I cant imagine getting hit by sand would feel too good. Good luck on your test!

  7. Oof, that sand sounds ouchie. Lol
    I always think names like GRE and SAT makes the tests sound scary. But really it's just the name. I'm sure you'll do great!