Friday, February 10, 2017

Wacky Winter. North Carolina.

Last week, Phil the groundhog saw his shadow. Such sad news that we would have six more weeks of winter! However, I think most of the country would agree this winter hasn't been so bad. It doesn't seem anyone is getting much winter weather in the US minus the occasional snow dump in the northern parts :)

For us, winter has meant a lot of blue skies :)

No snow here. Or rain.

Just plenty of 70-plus degree days to enjoy.

If this is what 6 more weeks of winter will look like, then I will suffer through :)


  1. It's been a mild winter here in SC

  2. That seems like an awesome winter! I am soooo cold and its been soooo rainy!

  3. Winter in NC is so tricky! I remember when we lived there we had snow this time of year, it was nuts.

  4. I wish I were there! Michigan winters suck, although, I will admit it hasn't been too bad this year. But I'm more of a spring and summer girl!

  5. Winter in that part of NC is so weird! There have been times my parents in Swansboro have gotten more snow than we have! I cannot wait to come back there, probably in late March or early April for a weekend. I miss my Crystal Coast!