Friday, February 24, 2017

Catching Up Since Heart Day. And Other Randomness.

Why does Snapchat default to Hello Kitty for every holiday? I do love a Hello Kitty filter but I'm not convinced of its holiday relevancy. Just a random thought to start us off :)

I am way, way behind with blogging about this Valentine's Day post. I hummed and ha'd over posting this oldie. After a lot of consideration, I'm going with yes. I write too many posts that I never post. Currently, I have 25 blog posts I have written and never published.
Weird, huh? Big ol' waste of time.

Today I'm filling you in on life over the past 10 days: I will try to get current with this blog after today :) 
Just like every year, our Valentine's Day was spent at home with kids. We've always been stay at home Heart Day people. I wish we had some passionate belief that made us choose that.
I just think it was easy and we kind of stuck with that.
 I try to make dinner festive for everyone. I decorate the table, make a favorite meal, 
and have small gifts for all. 
This year, I made Italian Tortellini Soup and homemade chocolate cake for dessert. 
Then my husband and I topped all that richness off with more chocolate and wine.

I get the whole--overpriced, marketing scheme idea--but I say celebrate those you love.
When you are a busy couple or family, it's hard to take time to do that.
Valentine's Day is an excuse to do that--a great excuse.

Valentine's Day was made so much sweeter with block leave, which is the military's reward for deployment. Thank you military!
I took a day off to bum around with him.
We went down to the intercoastal waterway to see the progress being made on the new bridge.
A big news for our small town.
It was a good day to be near the water. It was so clear and the tide low. 
There were plenty of fish swimming around to keep us entertained.

 The rest of the week was spent doing normal life stuff: 
Starting a new book: The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines.
I don't follow the Fixer Upper tv show but I do love their story(telling).
It makes me laugh and inspires me.

Prepping and shopping for our road trip.

And since this post was written over a week ago, we are currently on that trip.

And we are enjoying ourselves :) I'll give you one guess where that is!
Anyways, I'm putting this post up so I can get back on track.



  1. Your Valentine's Day sounds really great! I agree that even though it's a commericial holiday it gives you a break from your busy life to celebrate those you love. Hope you are having a great trip! Happy Friday!

  2. Yay for block leave! It really is one of the best parts of military life. :)

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  4. I never bother with snapchat besides the face swap