Monday, February 27, 2017

A Year of Family Selfies

Hello on this Monday! I was clearing out my draft folder and thought this post should go live.
Just some random goal I came up with and managed to complete in 2016.

A Year of Family Selfies. That was the random goal :) 

Ultimately, I was just happy to have a monthly family picture.
I wasn't going for anything glamorous, just simple pictures documenting us in real life each month.
Being a military family was a major complication.
A year of selfies doesn't equal 12. A year of selfies gets to be whatever the military 
decides he will here for.

In 2016, the magic number was 6. 
A mediocre number, Marine Corps, but still thankful for 6 :)

Hiking Idyllwilde January 2016

Miniature golf Murrieta February 2016 
(no Zachy)

San Francisco in March 2016

Bearizona in April 2016

University of North Carolina Wilmington- May 2016

Movie bound- June 2016

A goodbye in July 2016

Just to complete a full year, I'm adding our homecoming picture.

A hello in January 2017.

I think we need to try again in 2017. Kind of hoping for 12 pictures this year ;)


  1. I love all of the family selfies!!! SO fun!

  2. This is such a fun goal and a great way to remember something you were doing throughout the year!

  3. cool places you'll have visited