Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Stitchfix August 2016

Deployment is overwhelming most days. Whether it's exhaustion, managing disasters, or just plain loneliness. All those things tend to pile up and overwhelm. I have never been great about giving me a break on deployment. I'm usually a head down and plow through until Homecoming kind of gal. Let me tell you, it is a terrible terrible idea. Do not do it! I made a personal goal this time to schedule monthly pampering moments to reward myself for getting through.

Stitch Fix may not be your typical self-care but it's a happy surprise that shows up on my doorstep. It does not require me to do anything but try on clothes and make a decision. Even if I don't keep anything, I get to be on the receiving end of someone else's effort. And that feels nice. Plus, it is one of the few days out of the month I get to receive some worthwhile mail!

I've been receiving StitchFix boxes off and on for almost three years. Early in my experience, I felt the Fixes missed the mark and gradually as I learned to communicate my style, the Fixes became spot on. Leah has been styling my Fixes for at least a year and she has been a perfect match. While she tries to incorporate some of my requests in each box, she also uses her expertise to choose pieces new to me.

Now for the drum roll....

Briton Ivy Cristen Shirt Dress
Speaking of new to me, I have never tried a shirt dress before. Pleasantly surprised! 

Pixely Woodruff Tie Shoulder Chambray Top.
I asked for chambray and Leah delivered.

41Hawthorn Claremont Lace Up Detail Blouse.
I asked for blush.

Bay To Baubles Monroe Stacked Pave Pendant.
I really loved this necklace.

Loveappella Torie Knit Dress.
This dress was beyond comfortable. I feel like it was the perfect lightweight dress for this incredibly humid Southern weather.
I love the versatility as well. I could dress up or down. 

That face, I know. These pictures are what my husband gets to see from afar. 
I'm quite the seductress!


  1. That last dress looks amazing on you!!!

  2. I hope you kept that last dress!

  3. Perfect lace up detail on your blouse and the striped dress fits so well :) I would love for you to link this post to my weekly fashion blogger link up if you get a chance.

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  4. These outfits look amazing on you! I've been debating about whether or not to sign up for stitch fix and after seeing your outfits I may just have to do it!

    I just started following your blog on bloglovin! I'm a marine wife and a new blogger looking to make connections <3 I'd love a follow back!

    Xo Nicole