Saturday, August 20, 2016

Endless Summer

I'm beginning to think summer will never end. I remember the days when I wanted summer to go on forever. When I worked at the elementary school and going back to school meant back to work.  Now, that we've moved to a new school district with a  new school calendar, I'm wondering when the heck these kids are going to be out of my hair!

With one week left, we are stepping up our end-of-summer game. We will be trying to get out of the house a little more. Enjoy cold treats a little more. Think more positively about hanging out with our siblings more *wishful thinking*. I know all you mommas out there get it! By August, your kids have had about enough of each other and possibly you had enough of each of them too. Only in the most loving way, of course :)

I am telling you Pokemon has been our summer lifesaver. At the beginning of summer, I couldn't get the kids to move away from the Xbox games. Then came Pokemon and suddenly their little eyes and ears perked up and they were ready to leave the house. I admit I'm just as sucked in by the silly app as the rest of the world. However, I totally use my kids as an excuse for that one! I play for them!

Here we are winding down to a new school year with some pool party fun. Complete with an abundance of floaties. Check in the background there must have been ten of them. Would you believe my kids have never had the privilege of swimming with these types of pool toys? They loved it.

As always, we will give this last week of summer our best effort! Bring on the ice cream and swimming and Pokestops. We've got seven days to get it all out of our system!