Thursday, July 7, 2016

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is a gem in this big coastal state. I can't say enough positive things about this NC museum. We have visited twice since our recent move and we still haven't seen it all!

The museum is devoted to all things natural and North Carolinian. It is a great introduction to what this state is about and why things are the way they are here. I feel like I have a better understanding of the state and can appreciate a little more of what North Carolina has to offer. I might dare say I don't quite feel such a stranger to my new home. 

Walking into the room you see above, you are introduced to many animals, flora, and fauna native to this state. No, I don't usually say flora and fauna but when you have the opportunity... seize it! 

Wandering through the three levels of exhibits you find out what is in the waters, forests, and underground. From East to West and North to South, you get a good feel for what is out there. A little creepy when it comes to the water...sharks and whales! And even, the crazy weather stirring out in the ocean known as hurricanes :(

In a second building, there are more interactive and technology driven exhibits. You can conduct science experiments and test out computer programs. There are labs where you can see real scientists at work.

There really are no other words than AMAZING. This museum is right in the middle of downtown Raleigh next door to the North Carolina Museum of History (affiliate of Smithsonian Museum), and across the street from the State Capital building. Plus, there is a bonus... FREE admission to all. Oh and free parking on weekends. Winning! If you are traveling in North Carolina, this must be on your MUST SEE list! Just make sure you have a day to spare! This place is too cool to not spend the time. I promise!

(Museum of History on the left, Museum of Natural Sciences on the right, and State Capitol building behind the trees)


  1. I love that museum! It really is one of the best that I have ever been to.

  2. So cool! We'll have to add that to our list if we are ever in NC! :)