Saturday, July 16, 2016

New River Aviation Memorial

It would seem this post would not be about Pokemon Go but that is where you are wrong. I have learned I can get my kids to go anywhere and do anything with Pokemon lurking everywhere. 

This little display of Marine aviation is at the front gate of New River Air Station. I've been wanting to stop and take pictures since we got to North Carolina. There is always a reason not to. Pokemon to save the day! There just happens to be a "gym" behind the Osprey, so the kids fully supported a pit stop at the memorial. 

There is just something about military aircraft that elicits a 'Wow' from me after all these years. I'm always stopped in my tracks when I see jets, planes, or helicopters flying around base. When we lived at NAF Atsugi Japan it was the F-18s. On Camp Pendleton, it's helicopter formations. As of late, the Osprey gets me because it is the craziest thing I've ever seen flying around. If you aren't familiar, they are new aircraft that can fly as a plane and helicopter by rotating its rotors.

Looking at this small static display here, you get a feel for how bad ass our US military is. It's pretty comforting and make you feel grateful that there are people out there brave enough to protect our rights and freedoms.  



  1. This would be a nice area to check out.

  2. What a cool place! I love stuff like this.

  3. This is really cool! And I'm glad you now have an excuse to get the kids out and about without (as much?) complaining! I hope that lasts! I have seen all the teenagers in my neighborhood out walking and mowing everyone's yards the past month - and I can only assume it's because they're catching Pokemon and hatching eggs! haha! Hey, whatever works, right?! :)