Friday, July 8, 2016

Boardwalk By The Beach

As a child of the 90s, Myrtle Beach will forever be a MTV spring break destination. Do you remember MTV spring break editions? My whole motivation for attending college. But then I grew up and realized, eww. So glad that never happened! And now Myrtle Beach is a family destination. I think.

We had to investigate for ourselves. We have this running list of places to visit. Some are day trips and others long weekends. I must admit being centrally located on the East Coast has its advantages in the travel department. From the tip of Maine to the tip of Florida, nothing is more than a half day drive away from our home. And the landscape isn't so daunting that I wouldn't drive it myself. The deserts and mountains always prevented me from traveling alone in California. I didn't want to get stuck somewhere I wouldn't have phone service or access to a nearby town. So, I didn't travel outside the cities. I hope to have a different experience here.

Myrtle Beach was a likely choice for family time. At the very least, there is the beach. And from what I had been told MB was the place to be for mini-golf. We just happen to have some mini golf fans in our family! I also wanted to experience some family amusement stuff which led us to Boardwalk by the Beach. This is Myrtle Beach's mecca of family entertainment. Restaurants, stores, and entertainment galore situated around a man made lake. Without much research, I needed a one stop shop to give us a general idea of what this town is about.

We got our one gallon cup of lemonade and walked the 1.5 mile loop. We hopped in air conditioning speciality stores and got suckered into overpriced attractions. We had fun. Most importantly, the kids had fun. We got to have our family time and realize Myrtle Beach is probably not the best place for us. Then we headed out to find the best mini golf course in town--Professor Hacker Lost Treasure Mini Golf Course--according to Yelp :) And almost died of heat exhaustion. Californians are not built for extreme weather!


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  1. Oh how I miss Myrtle Beach!! When we lived in NC we spent every Easter there and we always had such an awesome time.