Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Why Arkansas?

Arkansas may not be on your travel list but it should be! This state is gorgeous. Trees, mountains, rivers and waterfalls are all here. Arkansas is one of those states I've never traveled to or through. When we made our PCS travel plans, the whole route was planned so we could drive through Arkansas and explore. The bonus of PCS-ing is a free vacation along the way.

I learned very quickly to make use of a state's welcome center along the state lines. They are a wealth of information, not only for the area but the entire state. 

We made a couple hikes in the Petit Jean State Park. This one was Bear Cave Trail. I'll give you one guess why...

Yep, the caves. You're so smart!

We also hiked Cedar Falls Trail which ended at...you guessed it, Cedar Falls! My little daredevils hiked all the way around that rocky terrain to stand under that waterfall. I suppose if you are going to take the time to hike to a waterfall you better have the experience of standing under it. 

Another thing I was reacquainted with in Arkansas was humidity. I thought my straightening lotion was going to conquer. You can see how that worked out. I'm a curly haired girl and I'm not going to be able to fight it in my new home. Because it's May and the humidity is insane already :/


  1. So fun!!! Oh yes gotta love the humidity.

  2. Ahh! I've been to Arkansas many times. And I dated a guy for 2 years from Pine Bluff. Haha

  3. I so agree with turning PCSs into a vacation!! We have done that both times so far, and it really does make things a lot more fun! :)

  4. My in-laws live in Arkansas! We haven't done a TON of exploring, but I agree the trees and scenery are really pretty!

  5. I wouldn't mind going here someday!