Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Poplar Grove Plantation

There is one thing I am learning very quickly in the South, local tourist attractions will often be plantations. The East Coast is the center stage for a good portion of America's early history. It's going to be fun learning more and showing the kids all the historical places they read about.

We are still getting settled in North Carolina. We don't even have a permanent home yet. Which makes me want to cry but that is a different post. This post is a picture tour of Poplar Grove Plantation right down the road in Wilmington, North Carolina.

I did my research and discovered a Wednesday visit to Poplar Grove Plantation would make it free. You read that right Free On Wednesday, if you are in the area! I wasn't quite sure if the visit would be worth it; so, I decided  to visit on a free day. Plus, the plantation hosts a farmer's market on the same day. And I do love a farmer's market!

I didn't take the actual tour of the house but snapped some pictures from the outside. I love the Southern Charm of these old houses. I would like to take the house tour of a bigger plantation in the future.

The backside of the house. I love that porch and the staircase that reaches between the levels of the house.

On the grounds surrounding the main house are many different out buildings. The kitchen is kept outside the house in a separate building. If you think about it, then you realize what perfect sense given the fire hazard. 

A tenant house. 

Old Barn

Horse Carriage.

Gazebo. In my mind, this is where the magic happened :) 
Gone With The Wind. North and South.
Were men really that charming once upon a time? 



  1. I am obsessed with plantations, they are so amazing!

  2. Oh yes, plantations are where it's at!! We've been to 5 or so since moving here. Whenever you want to make a trip down to Charleston, you'll have plenty to see! I visited Wilmington this winter, and really liked it! Now I know something to do when we go back :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven