Tuesday, May 10, 2016


What is a road trip without visiting roadside attractions? It's the world of cement dinosaurs and the world's largest "insert thing". Have you been there?

I think Bearizona on Interstate 40 through none other than Arizona (see what they did there!) qualifies as a roadside attraction. We were so pumped for the treasures Bearizona had in store for us. In the end, we saw more wildlife in Tennessee driving through the Smoky Mountains for free. But, hey, support small business and all that. Have some fun. Enjoy America. Words to live by!

What is Bearizona you ask? It's a drive through wildlife park near Flagstaff Arizona. A real big attraction in that area according to the billboards. It was cute enough but the animals were a little too comfy in their protected home. Which equates to animals who just lay around, stand around, or eat.

A special shout out to the goats! They were the highlight of the day :) 



  1. I love random roadside attractions. The husband hates them. I've never heard of this one though. The kids and I drove 40 to CA a couple years ago and I would have stopped if I knew about it.

  2. Roadside attractions are the best!