Saturday, May 28, 2016

Kitschy Beachy Superstores

First let me say, not a fan of the mega beach stores. Second, why so many?!? We live in a small town now, like not even a Walmart kind of small. I'm not sure why the need for four crap or kitschy beach stores within a 1 mile stretch of road. My only thinking is when the beach crowd comes in this Memorial weekend and hangs through the summer then stores cash in.

My daughter was bored and wanted to do something. I am game to check everything off my list. I haven't been in these kind of stores because a.) North San Diego county doesn't have them and b.) I haven't really been to the beach outside of California. I can confidently say I do not feel the need to go to any more beach stores. It's mostly junk. Can I say that without sounding like a total B?

I did find this amazing captain's hat. I just felt like it spoke to me :) Like, hey, I run this ship. Don't mess with me!

And a possible Christmas gift for my niece. I know my sister just loved it when I sent her a photo. 

The thing with beach stores is they really do up the outside of the store. The potential for being something awesome is there. Then you walk through the doors and are met with a mass of swim stuff.  Camouflage, fringe, confederate flag, you name it. It's really interesting. If I have to walk through an alligator to get inside your store, I want to see some animatronics or an aquarium or something substantial. 

There are such quirky things you find when you are new to an area. Have you been in an area with these type of beach stores?



  1. And that is how we've ended up being owners to hermit crabs and far too many beach towels.

  2. These stores always crack me up!

  3. Come on. That alligator alone is worth a stop. I have a picture of the husband and daughter in a similar shark in front of a beach crap store in Corpus Christi.