Sunday, September 8, 2013

Tales From The New Home {week 8}

Two full months in the new house. I think we can be settled now. My office is still a modge podge of boxes and misplaced items. I need to figure out what the room will be. I like the idea of a guest room but we don't have a lot of overnight guests. Other options include office, craft room, or storage room. Still thinking on that one.

This week has been hot. 102. 103. It's September, right? An East Coast friend posted a picture in long sleeves, pants, and boots on Facebook. I almost cried. Southern California is notorious for skipping fall. My favorite season, of course.  September is here and I am just now running the air conditioning all day. Doesn't seem right.

The house continues to keep me busy with cleaning and organizing. I should say re-organizing, thanks to my three children. I had to make some returns to Lowes this week and stopped through the paint and flooring sections. The inside walls need a new coat of paint. We put painting off when we moved in due to my indecision. Our second major project (after the backyard) is replacing the flooring downstairs.  We are switching from carpet to laminate (wood). I picked up two samples of the colors I would like.

My first option for paint/flooring is:

Yellow walls.

Acorn or Maple flooring

The second option is:

Gray walls.

Dark flooring.

Which combo do you like? I have wanted gray but I think the yellow/maple combo is more me.

Before I sign off I have to share a (blurry) picture of my little engine that could. Do you remember the massacred lime tree? Here is the latest photo update on its recovery. We have blooms. I think it is a good sign!



  1. Personally, I like the grey color, more transitional for all seasons, whereas the yellow might be too washed out... And I'm glad your tree is growing back! :)

  2. Tough choice! But.. I really like the grey paint! Grey is easy to "dress up" with bright paintings, throw pillows or decorations. Hooray for your little citrus tree!

  3. I like the grey too. I used to live in San Diego (now in CT) and we had a small fall time in December; the leaves would change and be beautiful and it reminded me of New England. You might get a taste of it!

  4. I'd go gray. It seems to be more neutral and would work for whatever you put in there.

  5. I'm really a fan of the yellow. I may be a little biased because it's my favorite color? but I love it on walls!

  6. My house is yellow, and I've always been about the warm colors. But right now I am loving grey! The idea of dark wood with grey walls seems so rich and clean to me. As a fellow yellow lover, I say go grey!

  7. I am loving the new grey fad but I don't think it's for me. I think it has a very clean and streamlined look to it but I'm more of a cozy welcoming look person. I guess it depends on how you want the room to seem!

  8. Hi Nicole, I am taking a chance to read through some of your blog. If I had the choice, I'd go with the yellow here. It's just happier for a room where people will hang out!