Tuesday, September 17, 2013

E.A.T Marketplace Temecula

Organic. Farm to plate. Non-GMOs. Gluten free. Paleo. There are so many terms floating around it is hard to keep them straight. Equally hard to create a diet following all the "rules". And even more difficult to abide when you dine out. I don't know about you but when I go out to eat I have succumbed to the fact that I will be consuming an insane amount of calories, fat grams, sugar, and chemicals in the name of artificial whatevers and preservatives. Check. Check. And check!

When my friend invited me to the local farm to plate cafe, E.A.T Marketplace, I was skeptical. I apologize for my assumptions but I couldn't imagine how yummy one can make food from a garden.  Yes, I grew up on BLTs with garden fresh tomatoes and a one pot boil of red potatoes, green beans, and bacon. However, there wasn't much else to be done with our garden fare in the way of meals.

Enter E.A.T Marketplace. Hello yummy garden goodness! Let's just say my first meal was on Tuesday and I was back on Friday. I couldn't stay away. This restaurant is a hodge podge of eclectic decor. I'm pretty sure they buy their tables and chairs from the Salvation Army next door. Do not be deceived.  Location and decor are no indication of what the menu offers.

There is no better wake up call than your first bite of a sandwich or salad from E.A.T Marketplace. Every flavor comes through. Turkey, tomato, greens, pickled cucumber, bread. All meld together to taste like...wait for it... a sandwich. Quite the novel idea, a sandwich tastes like a sandwich. A salad like a salad.


Veggie Wrap

Tofu Bowl

Roasted Turkey Sandwich

Egg Sandwich

This is my little secret. It will not be the family night out spot. I've got this one locked away as my "lunch date" restuarant. My kids wouldn't appreciate the fare. They would much rather have french fries or corn dogs. By the way, not on the menu! Plus, E.A.T Marketplace is busy busy. If you go during lunch, chances are you will be sharing a table with strangers. Not always a bad thing. Unless they try to swipe a bite from your plate. Then you got problems!



  1. Yum! One of my favorite things about a new place is finding some of the "hole in the wall" kind of restaurants. Sometimes, the small local places really are the best!

  2. The atmosphere of the place sounds wonderful!! The food all looks AMAZING! I don't do soft yolks in eggs, but Hubster would kill for a sandwich like that!!

  3. The food looks great! I love that you've designated this spot just for you! :)

  4. This looks like an interesting restaurant! I love trying new places.

  5. So jealous! I wish we had a spot out in the desert like that. But desert means no real farms. lol. Glad you found a yummy, just you place.

    My Wholesome Home

  6. That Turkey Sandwich looks delicious!

  7. My husband's favorite aunt and uncle (he has seven sets of them JUST on his mom's side) live in Temecula... We're definitely going to have to check this place out the next time we're there. It looks right up our alley!