Monday, September 16, 2013

Tom's Farm Corona

Sunday Funday, Monday Funday, Friday Funday. In my opinion, any day of the week can be dubbed a Funday. Maybe not Wednesday and Thursday... they do not rhyme as well. There are so many fun activities to check out around Southern California. I haven't even begun to touch a small portion of them. I'm definitely trying! Last week, a friend and I decided to check out a local attraction, Tom's Farm. As an Iowa girl, when I hear the word farm my mind pictures, well, a farm. In SoCal, when you hear the word farm it likely means a place selling fruits and vegetables. And possible an inoperable tractor staged out front.

If you haven't noticed, Tom's Farm is a shopping attraction. There is plenty of cute stuff and unique edibles. As two kidless moms, we enjoyed browsing around the shops and chatting. I would say coffee cups in hand but we had to trash those. No drinks allowed in the stores. As much as I'd love to bring my kids to a farm, this would not be the one of choosing. Sure there are fun things for the kids to do but it's a really tight area to move around in.

Tom's Farm hosts special events year round. I would suggest visiting during those times. Check out the website for a calendar of events.

The trip wasn't a total bust. I found Sioux City Root Beer in the cooler. That is about as authentic to the Midwest as this farm got.



  1. This place looks really interesting but yay for Root Beer!

  2. What an odd place! They really have something for everyone!

  3. How fun! Its neat to see what "farm" means in different areas of the country. Coming from Maine, when I think of farms, I think of Cows! But here in NC, Hog farms are so plentiful! They are EVERYWHERE!

  4. Being from Kentucky, that definitely doesn't look like a "typical" farm to me either!