Thursday, September 27, 2012

TShirts & Daddy Dolls

This is Zac. He is my second child, yes, the middle child. I always think it's worth putting out there because, I too, am the middle child. And for all you Oldest or Babies, give us a break will ya? If you want to learn more about Zac, click here. If you ever meet him, you will probably want to take him home. Everybody seems to ask, its just a thing people do. But you can't; however, I have this other son.... just kidding. I'm totally giving his grandma's heart palpitations today! No kids for rent here... at this time. Check back periodically, it's going to be a long deployment!

Sadly, Zac has been missing his dad. Yes, it breaks my heart too. I truly worried what this deployment would be like for the boys since they are older. My husband has deployed before but the boys were just babies then. I was still enough for them. Now they want to run their bikes off ramps, throw footballs, and wrestle. And I'm not good at that stuff.

Not long after my husband left, Zac asked to wear his dad's t-shirt to bed. I didn't see the harm. It has become a nightly thing. Last night I went to tuck Zac in and I noticed he helped himself to new tee. I guess he is going to be raiding my husband's drawer on a regular basis.

After he crawls in bed, he snuggles up real tight with his Daddy Doll. That doll has turned out to be a blessing for Zac. I was hesitant to get the dolls for our kids because they are older. But Zac sleeps with his faithfully, ever single night. Breaks my heart.


More Info on Daddy Dolls:

I am very thankful for an organization called Operation Hug-A-Hero who gifted these dolls to our family. If you are a military family with a deploying spouse, please look into this organization. If not, you can order Daddy Dolls (online here). My advice Don't be Discouraged by Age. My son is nine. I thought he would be too "old" to appreciate it. But every child is different and sometimes tangible things are more comforting than non-tangible.


  1. Such a sweet picture of him and his daddy doll.

  2. Precious, Nik. And this gramma's heart aches too for my precious grandkids. You and God ARE enough for them right now, dont sell yourself short. You are doing a great job with them. I am praying for all of you.
    Love love love love you all!