Thursday, September 20, 2012


One of the worse things about military deployment is communication. As the spouse, you have absolutely no control over when your military member will call you. Therefore, you have the phone on person at all times. You check and recheck the ringer. You check and recheck the call log. You probably have your friend call your phone just to make sure it still works. And you sleep with your phone. Not, on-the-night-stand-next-to-the-bed kind of sleep; but in your hand, on 'his' pillow, or under your pillow kind of sleep.

Keeping with good military spouse form, I slept with my phone last night. I keep mine under my pillow. I figure there is more of a chance I will here the ring and it is less likely to get lost in the bedding. Lo and behold, at 1:00 AM the phone rings. Our house phone rings that is (which I immediately make a mental note to check the cell phone ringer). The caller ID registers my husband's full name in all its glory. My heart skips a beat and I click the phone to answer.

Hello? Hello? I say excitedly and quickly into the receiver. No reply. Hello? I asked again. I'm familiar with military connections and sometimes it takes a minute for our voices to connect. I wait patiently throwing out a 'hello' every once in awhile to let him know I'm still there. But nothing. UGH! I look to my cell phone to see what time it is and there it is? My cell phone is on the line with HOME and has been for 1 minute and 14 seconds. UGH! *click and giggle*

I'm choosing to laugh at myself because this is 100 percent me! I am clumsy and gullible to a fault. Only this girl would patiently hang on the line for 1 minute and 14 seconds after I called myself! Oh happy deployment days!


  1. Bless yourheart, but what a funny story! And u tell it so well! Here's hoping its really him next time.

  2. Cute story! Sounds like something I would totally do. Thanks for your family's service!

  3. Funny story that illustrates well how totally awesome it is when your husband calls.

  4. Great story! Way to find the funny. Thank you for all your family gives up.

    Happy Sharefest. Have a great weekend.

  5. My husband wonders how I managed to press the right combination of buttons to make that call. I wish I were normally this lucky!