Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Candy Tree {DIY}

Yesterday I posted about a project I was making for my husband. He has finally made the decision to quit his tobacco habit. As of today, he will be tobacco free. He is also going to be arriving home after two weeks of training. I wanted to create something to encourage him to stick to being "clean" even if the cravings come back. This is how the idea of a candy tree came to be. 

 Candy Tree {Do It Yourself}

Supplies Needed:

11-12 inch styrofoam tree/cone
1 inch strip of brown paper bag
Elmer's glue
4-6 bags of hard candies (Lifesavers, Werther's, Creme Savers, etc), fuller trees require more bags
5 packs of gum
3 wooden skewers
Low temp hot glue gun

First, glue brown paper strips to the styrofoam cone with Elmer's glue. I used approximately 6 brown paper strips to cover the entire 12 inch cone. Trim paper to fit as cone narrows. It may not be necessary to cover the cone with brown paper if you are using a low temp hot glue gun. You must cover the styrofoam if you are using a high temp hot glue gun or the styrofoam will melt. Let dry for 15-20 minutes.

Next, glue the candies around the cone on the edge of the wrapping. A fuller look can be achieved by overlapping the candy wrappers both horizontally and vertically. Glue three of the packages of gum on the cone and continue to glue the candies on the cone. After you have filled the cone, glue extra candies to less full areas. Candies and gum can be hot glued to wooden skewers to create a little more dimension to the candy tree. Place wooden skewers in the top of the styrofoam cone to complete the project.

Do you think he will feel encouraged? 

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  1. looks great! and good for him for becoming tobacco free! also. my hubby would finish that tree in one sitting.

  2. Awesome I think he will feel very encouraged and good for your husband making such a positive change :)

  3. Thanks guys! I'm going to keep encouraging him and sharing your encouragement too. Whatever it takes!