Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Poppin In To Say Hello

Hello friends! I found a little pocket of free time and thought it the perfect time to check in.

It's the holidays and my social media feeds are beautiful! I loved to see the surprising snowfall all over the United States this past weekend in the most unexpected places. What fun that must of been.

It reminds me of our snow fall in California a few years back. I stayed up to the wee hours of the night/morning to see if the snow would really fall. It did! And it was amazing. I'm sure that is how all you Southerners felt too. What fun for you :) 

As we plug away at December, I'm quickly reminded of how much life has been lived in the last 11 months. Another year behind us. I have so much to share. I'm sure many of you are wondering the answer to the million dollar question :) Where will our forever home be?? We still don't know. Eek! I know I know, time is ticking away. But, yikes, this is a hard decision and there is so much to consider. I do know walking away from social media for a couple months was a good decision. My mind is much clearer and focused. I'm going to try to find time to share those things with you in the near future. 

Right now, I just want to say 'hello friends'. I've missed the interaction through the blog but what fun to see you all enjoying life through social media. You all do a great job of that! Your babies are adorable! And my friends without babies, you look amazing! I really need to up my game in 2018 :) just to keep up! 

Keep doing your thing in December friends. It's fun to see how winter looks in all the places.


  1. I'm so happy to see you posting!!!! :) It made me smile!

  2. Hi friend! So glad to see a short post from you. I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas season - I'll wave in your general direction as we drive through to my mama's!