Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Meeting Halfway- A Family Trip

On my way to sharing everything--that is worth sharing-- today is all about our fun in Louisville, Kentucky meeting up with some of my family. We recently met up with my mom, stepmom, sister/brother-in-law, and nieces. They drove from Iowa and we came from North Carolina for a long weekend. We let my mom pick the location in honor of her birthday.

For anyone living apart from family, visiting together is the biggest challenge. The military has kept us away from family for my husband's whole career. We have been on the West Coast, the East Coast, and Japan which doesn't make visiting Midwest family easy. When the kids were young, we always made a point to travel to Iowa for holidays or during summer vacation. The positive was we saw family. The negative is we don't get to vacation in new places. 

Meeting up with family for a quick weekend to some place we've never been was win-win! I can't say Kentucky has been on my bucket list but I'm always up for some place new. My dad lived in northern Kentucky for many years so we spent summers there. However, exploring the city as an adult is much different :) and more touristy.

Louisville has some of the nicest people. The people we encountered in stores, restaurants, on the tours with us, and our house hostess were just top of the line, so happy and friendly! I could definitely see myself living there, if it weren't so cold :) and landlocked.

We visited Churchill Downs, the race track where the Kentucky Derby takes place. There is an interactive museum that was great for non-horse lovers too. I am speaking from experience. I am not a horse person. Fun fact: I am actually scared of horses. Complete irrational fear that is a little strange as an adult.I really though the museum was done well.

The next day we spent some time exploring the Louisville Slugger museum and factory. There was a lot of fun interactive stuff to do there too. This was the day of the crazy snowfall in the southern states. There was a 30% chance of snow for one hour in Louisville and instead it snowed all day long. We loved it! 

Later in the afternoon, the adults took a tour of Evan Williams, a bourbon distillery downtown. Let me just say, not one of us in the group is a whiskey drinker. We just felt whiskey tasting was a given when visiting Kentucky! We ended up giving the worst (strongest) one to the guy next to us. I think he had a great time :) Are any of you whiskey fans? I do not understand how people stomach it. I wish I could be sophisticated and tough enough to sip whiskey without making feeling an urge to be sick.

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  1. Ari has been begging us to go to Louisville for months now! This looks like so much fun- glad to hear it was a good time! Merry Christmas!

  2. This looks like such a fun weekend! We had talked about stopping in Louisville next summer when we are on our way to Michigan to visit the hubs family. Our daughter would love Churchhill Downs and our son would love the Slugger museum. As for mama - I'm all about the whiskey!

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