Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Summer Lovin

We have approximately 20 days until school starts for us. While I've always appreciated a job where I'm off with my kids in the summer, I'm finding it's getting to be less necessary. The kids don't need me and most of the time don't want me around. They want their friends and their electronics. And that is the progression of life :) Not a natural progression that they want their electronics ;) but that they are less dependent on me. So, after 17 years, I've thought a lot if this will be the last summer I am home with them. There will be lots of decisions as we move on to our 'forever home' next summer. 

Today I thought we could talk about summer. I was reading my Bloglovin' feed and found the cutest questionnaire on Coast To Coast blog. I'm such a fan of Coast To Coast because I feel like we just swapped homes. She is a Southern girl living in the West while I am a self-proclaimed West Coaster living in the South. I think I can be an honorary WC after 17 years, right? She brings home to me through her posts and pictures.

The questions come from The Blended Blog. In blogging world, these types of linkups are just fun social things bloggers do to connect or add lighthearted conversation to the blog. Which means we LOVE it when you respond in the comments with answers of your own. So, here we go:

Pool, lake, or ocean? Ocean, of course! Our military life has always placed us near an ocean. It's part of our life :) 

Camping, cottage, or hotel? I think I could do a cottage but I know I'm a hotel person for sure.

Favorite ice cream flavor? Praline Pecan. It has to have the sugar coating to be my favorite.

Pjs, Nightgown, T-shirt/shorts, or Birthday suit? Pjs

Fave summer beverage? Margaritas are the perfect summer beverage. I don't drink them nearly enough in the summer!

Would you rather be hot or cold? Cold. Here is my theory on hot vs cold. I can always layer up when it's cold but there isn't much I can do when it's hot. However, I'm not about to move to a cold winter climate. Everytime I go to Iowa in the Fall and Winter I remember 'Those days are gone'!

Sandals with heel or flats? I love the look of a heel or wedge but let's be honest, I'm always in a flip flop!

Shorts or Skirts? Shorts

Sit in the sun or the shade? Sit in the shade

Water, tea, or soda? Water

Fave Summer Fruit/Vegetable? Tomatoes, I definitely take advantage of summer tomatoes. I can name a thousand different ways I fix them. Just like Bubba's shrimp in Forest Gump :)

Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset all the way! Although, I should really make a point to see a sunrise on the East Coast, huh?

Bike Ride or Walk? I can not decide. Both are my favorites!

Winery or brewery? If you know me or read this blog, you can answer that question! I think I've posted no less than 20 winery tours on this blog over the years. HERE are my favorites...

Garden or no garden? No garden. I don't mind picking the produce or preparing it, but I'm no good at planting, weeding, or watering. 

Big summer concert or Music in the park? Summer concert

Fave Cookout Food? Potato salad or Baked Beans. No need to get healthy at a cookout.

Dine indoors or patio? Patio. I miss eating outside now that we moved to where all the bugs live :(

Fave summer destination? Anywhere!

Big theme park or carnival? Big theme park

Drinks blended or on the rocks? Blended

Popsicle or freeze flavor of choice? Strawberry

Hot dog or hamburger? Hamburgers. I can only eat hot dogs if they are burnt on the grill and covered in mustard. 

What are some of your favorite summer things? Are you an outdoors person or do you prefer the A/C?

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  1. AWWWWW!!!! You are so AWESOME! Thanks for the shout out and it's funny I read this right AFTER I added you to my blog links in the sidebar. YIPPEE!!! I'm such the odd man out on the hot vs. cold thing. I guess I'm a HOT MESS...LOL!!! (I crack myself up) I only like a hotdog if it's grilled too and it needs to have ketchup, chili (no beans) and slaw on it. Haven't had one in years. Why do we have to find out the tastiest things in life are so bad for you? Ignorance is bliss when it comes to that. I'm dying to find out what the future holds for you next as you start a new chapter. Give us some hints🤗 Happy Tuesday Nicole!

  2. Wow still 20 days?! School starts for us here on Thursday, I'm always amazed at how different each area is.

  3. Ocean, cottage, iced tea for perfect summer drink, mint chocolate chip for ice cream.

    I would rather be cold, you can always add layers or take a hot shower.

    Sunrise over sunset!

  4. I'm an ocean girl and would love to live near one year-round! Tell me your favorite sit-down restaurants at Disney please!