Friday, August 4, 2017

Old Friends. August Reads. And Bike Rides.

This picture illustrates all my feelings about the weekend. Let me climb on your shoulders and shout my excitement! I'm not even sure why I crave the weekend like I do. I'm at home every day...not working. I think I just like having everyone together and enjoying the sun!

I have a fun story to share with you about the picture above. We were neighbors with the child in the photo on Camp Pendleton in 2012-2013. This past year he showed up in one of my classes I subbed in. I was floored. His mom and I connected and we finally met up last week. It was great to have a familiar person to hang with for the afternoon. I love these military stories. They seem so unlikely, yet, it happens so flawlessly!

My August reading list is making me very happy. When I posted my Mid-Year update earlier this week, I didn't know how I felt about reading in August. I've been borderline burned out with books this summer. I'm averaging about 2-3 books a month which is pretty low for me. I looked over the books I read in so far in 2016 and they are sort of depressing. My books have mostly been about slavery or murder or death in some capacity. While those were all excellent books, how could I not feel a little depressed over the subject matter? 

This month, I am going much much lighter. I picked up a few books based on suggestions from Everyday Reader and Mix and Match Mama bloggers. I also picked up another Blake Crouch book because I thought Dark Matter was pretty great! Did you read Dark Matter?

Speaking of books, the Little Free Library my husband made in May is doing really well. This week some sweet sweet neighbor dropped off this book/movie combo of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Of course, a lucky person quickly swooped it up only a day or two later. It has been fun to host the Little Free Library and keep up with all the comings and goings :)

My lovely daughter convinced me to paint the Little Free Library with chalk so she could always decorate it for me. Well, if you know teenagers, that lasted one time. Now it's my job :) I do not pride myself on artsy creativity. I'm more of an idea person. But when you have to... you do what you can (with Pinterest)!

We are continuing our bike rides while the weather has been giving us a much needed break from humidity. Our street goes one mile back through a forest near a pond. It is the best little ride for us to end the day. We have been doing the bike ride every night for a couple weeks. Maybe, I can blog that for you to see sometime soon.

Cheers to the weekend!

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  1. How awesome! Being able to reconnect with old friends is really the best!

  2. Yay! So happy that you met up with an old pal! Trip loves the Narnia movies- I need to pick up the books for him to read. Have a fun weekend with lots of bike rides!

  3. Yay for bike riding and summer reading. I loved Dark Matter, so I definitely need to look into his other books. Have a great weekend.

  4. I didn't read Dark Matter but Pines was depressing, I thought. I listened to it about two years ago? I never went for the sequels. Did you watch the shows?

    Weirdly, I do not crave weekends, really ever. I get burned out with work, sure, but I tend to get really bored on weekends? I've grown to learn that I'm just the oddball out here.

  5. I haven't read Dark Matter but I want to, I've heard a lot of good things about. Love the idea of that little lending library!