Monday, June 5, 2017

The Last Week Of The School Year

Yes. Yes. Yes. The Last Week of School is finally here for us! The kids have loads of special days at school and not so fun, tests to take. But when Friday finally arrives the excitement will be unbearable! I'm so looking forward to 10 weeks of chilling out.

Derrick got a head start on chilling out last Friday. By now, you must know the beach is our go to place in summer. It's about 10 minutes from our house. The water is warm and the beaches are nearly empty by the time we get out there. My husband fishes on the pier and the rest of us hang out on the beach. It never gets old to me. Each week the water gets warmer and warmer. I think it's about 78 degrees and will go up to about 85-87 degrees by August. How can you not love that?

After the beach, we went to the nearby park to watch an outdoor showing of The BFG. We made a family decision to try as many new things in North Carolina before we leave next year. Plus, we've kind of been staying close to home and not adventuring around like we did in California. I think we kind of isolated ourselves at home and it's made a difference in our adjustment. This past week, we took advantage of the weekly Parks and Rec event held in our small town. We never went to one last year :( So, we made sure to make it to the first event of the summer! 

Next up?? A 5K. Oh yes, I said it. I finally fought against my better judgement and ran a race. It wasn't anything official with registration fees and specialized medals. The race was a free event held on base for families. You could choose to run the 1 mile or the 5k. The boys were running the 5K and I thought I would probably run the 1 mile. However, when I got to the split, I decided why not run the 3 miles? If I had to walk, so what! At least, I'm trying. I have been running the Couch To 5K app, so I wasn't complete unconditioned. I'm only on week 3 because I keep stopping and having to run days over again to get my body ready to bump up the time in the next week. 

I didn't run the entire distance but I did better than expected. My goal was to run the 5K under 45 minutes. I came in at 42:41. I was really excited about my time. I might be hooked on running now. I did not think that would happen. EVER! Now I want to train to try and better my time. There is another race in July, so maybe...

My husband insisted I have a picture but the timer. My argument was it wouldn't say the correct time. For the record, my time was not 43:44 :)

And I got a medal :) A generic medal but still a medal!

This is probably what the boys looked like waiting for me. 
My husband came in at 28 minutes. Zac at 30 min. Derrick at 32 minutes. 
So, they did have to wait a few minutes for me :)
And they thought I had ran the 1 mile route so they were also a little concerned after 40 minutes. 
Which makes me laugh because wouldn't you think any reasonably healthy person could finish a mile in less than 42 minutes.

Saturday afternoon ended with a day date at the BBQ festival and taxi-ing children around to parties/friends' houses. What could be more North Carolinian than a BBQ festival?
BBQ-- another favorite from this state.

Wow, what a weekend! I think we made North Carolina proud and had some fun along the way :)
I'm ready to get through this week and start counting down through summer!

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  1. Way to go on the 5K! I train for one every February, and I jog it the whole way and still end up at something in the 40s. I should probably walk it and be faster - ugh! Good on you!

  2. Yaayyy what a great weekend! Congrats on the race, and the outdoor movie looks like so much fun!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven