Friday, June 2, 2017

Hello June!

I'm not sure how one week can seem like a lifetime ago. Right now, I'm totally feeling like more than two days have passed since we ended May. There is no denying our Semper Fi family is in summer mode! My subbing days have ended for 2016/2017 and the kids are taking end-of-grade tests. The weather is hot, humid, and thunderstorms come rolling in without a moment's notice. That is summer in NC folks! Or should I say ya all? Wait, it's y'all, I think. Clearly, I should stick with folks.

Anyways, last weekend was not only Memorial Weekend but birthday weekend for me. I admit my momentum for birthday weekend, week, or month has severely decreased since we moved to NC. I think it's a mix of not having my people, kids getting older (read: independent), and not as much fun stuff to do that dampens my spirits. I definitely don't want to become one of those people who thinks birthdays are no big deal. Birthdays are a big deal because it means you have been blessed with another year on this Earth. Believe me, some people are praying for that right now.

With all that being said, there was cake, presents, and a movie :) Pirates at the theater on opening weekend. It has been our tradition. And the tradition continues. It was perfection. No spoilers here but my jaw dropped and I kind of freaked out at the end. But that is all I'm going to say!

Speaking of change of attitude since our move, this book arrived on my doorstep just in time to kick off our last year in NC. I don't know much about it but the book is based on research and solid stuff, so I want to give it a try. We are all making our best effort to try new things and experience all NC has to offer in the next 12 months. Just to prove we are serious. Tomorrow we are running our first 5k ever. Just because we want to try something new. P.S. Pray I don't ruin my body! Mainly my legs, joints, and lungs--haha.

Speaking of books...I have my summer reading list all figured out. 
It's going to be a little tricky because I just started an online course. Yep, I finally trying to knock out that grad school goal :) Anyways, it's an A&P class which is not my strength so my brain will be at capacity for the first 5 weeks of summer. Fortunately, there is 10 weeks of summer, so we should be golden on this reading list! I'm hoping to squeeze in a short one in June. I promise to read really really slow and not absorb anything. (This is how book people bargain with themselves :)

Summer in North Carolina also means mosquitos. They have been gradually making their presence known in May and then, bam! June is like their welcoming party! Two days ago, I got bit up wearing 25% Deet bug spray(which I don't like wearing but these mosquitos are insane), so I went straight to Amazon. Yes, I've read the Don't Buy Essential Oils from Amazon article; however, until some oil company makes it easier to order their d@mn oils online, I will buy my oils on Amazon. I'll report back on my Terrashield "review" after our outdoor movie night. 

Zac ended this week on a high note! He was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society on Thursday. This kid is just thriving in North Carolina which makes my momma heart swell! I talked very briefly about the struggles in California with him not really having his place. Here he meshes very well with the locales :) Score one for the Marine Corps :) 

Hope you all have big plans to enjoy your first unofficial summer weekend!

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  1. I really need to see that movie, being at Disneyland last month just reaffirmed how much I love that series.

  2. I love to read and being a former teacher I used to only have summers....glad to say I get to read about a book every 10 days or so now! Enjoy your downtime :)

  3. Ooh I'm excited to hear about Pirates! My son is old enough now to actually enjoy the series, so we're going to binge watch and then go see the new one soon. Good luck on your grad school courses! My husband is working on his Master's, and it definitely takes patience and persistence.