Thursday, March 30, 2017

What I Read In March

These are all the books stacked around my house that I'm not reading. I cannot give you one good reason why not. In fact, the only reason I'm not reading these books is because I don't feel like it. That pretty much sums up my reading personality.

Without much direction, I decided to start my month with re-reading The Hunger Games. If there was ever a book that just did it for me, it was The Hunger Games. I was an avid reader as a child but abandoned leisure reading in those busy motherhood years. I didn't have time or interest in books. When I went back to school, I would read fluff books between semesters. Then came The Hunger Games series igniting my passion and interest for really good books. I haven't stopped since. If you haven't read the series, I highly recommend it. I remember back when The Hunger Games series was trending, parents were questioning the appropriateness for middle grade and young adult readers. Having read the books twice, I feel like there really isn't anything overtly graphic to shield your middle schooler from. Yes, I know the premise is kids killing each other. Suzanne Collins writes with a gentle touch around those matters...for the most part. Ultimately, it's your call and your call should be respected. However, if you are a parent of a voracious reader and can't manage to preview everything before they fly through it then let them read this one.

Catching Fire, from The Hunger Games series was my second book in March. Another re-read and The Hunger Games sequel. In my opinion, Catching Fire is best book of the series.  There is so much action packed into this book plus the story builds up to an eventual uprising against the current government. As a reader, you are always wanting to read one more page.

#3 The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena had a really strong start. I was captivated, stayed up too late, and read nearly half the book the first night. Lately, I've really gotten into the thriller/mystery genre and will continue to sprinkle them in to my monthly reading. I question my intelligence because I can never figure things out until the last 10 pages. While other reviewers use words like predictable and lame. What a treat for me though to be surprised! I'm rarely disappointed in a thriller/mystery. The Couple Next Door is a twisty novel about a couple who's baby is kidnapped and the ensuing investigation. At time it drags, then picks up, then repeats the cycle. The story seems to cover all the characters stories and experiences which makes it interesting. Overall, I thought it was a decent book. I would recommend it to anyone who dabbles in thriller/mystery books. I think experienced genre readers will think it's lame :)

#4 The Orphans Tale by Pam Jenoff . My sister-in-law recommended this book after she flew through it. It is a historical fiction novel set in World War 2 in Europe, because, hey, that sells books apparently :) The story revolves around two main female characters both running from a shady past. One is Dutch and one Jewish, both join the circus to hide from something. This book is so meaty and flows very well. I was on page 100 before I knew it. Stayed up too late (again) and I may have taken a day off work just to read. It does move very slowly, which seems intentional, as the story builds. I also felt is was on the darker side, as most World War 2 fiction novels are. So, my advice would be to pace yourself with less intense books before or after this one.

#5 Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. This is a young adult novel about a girl with an immune disorder which makes her allergic to the outside world. However, when a new neighbor moves in next door and provokes some strong feelings, things change rapidly in Maddy's protected world. It was a very quick and sweet read. It took a day to read. The formatting is not typical and I always enjoy that in a book. Many reviews feel the ending falls short, I don't necessarily agree. I thought everything worked together just fine for a YA novel. I think it's worth reading, if you are looking for something light and easy or have a love for YA contemporary. And Everything Everything will be a movie in theaters soon, so you might want to do the book/movie comparison bit.

I'm pretty much in love with everything I read this month. It was just an overall good reading month. Love when those happen.

If you would like more book recommendations check out this blog and this blog and this one too! So many good books out there to choose from.

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  1. You read some great books this month! I'm totally with you that I could reread Hunger Games time and time again because it's just so good! I've had The Couple Next Door on my list for a long time, and I really need to actually sit down and read it!

  2. I am so excited to actually read for fun again woo! I am starting this weekend.

  3. I didn't read the books but I thought the Mockingjay was the weakest

    Read Japan's Battle Royale if you can

  4. Catching Fire was my favorite of the three.

    I liked, didn't love, The Couple Next Door.
    I read The Winter Guest by Jenoff and it's perfect if you like WWII historical fiction.

  5. The couple next door got me at the, what?!?! lol
    I like all of your suggestions! Some I have been wanting to read and some I have read and enjoyed! And yes, I even have a stack of books that I just haven't read yet also.. hehehe...

  6. Omg Everything Everything is a beautiful book. Have you read Before I Fall? The book NOT the movie. It's very good!

  7. I'm glad you had such a good reading month! Sorry The Couple Next Door wasn't that great. I do want to check out Everything Everything before the movie.


  8. I'm a mood reader too, so I can definitely relate to having a ton of books to read, but just not being in the mood! I'm with you on your review of The Couple Next Door, I read it after reading 4 or 5 other thrillers, so I felt pretty underwhelmed by the story, but think it would have been more suspenseful it was the first thriller I had read in a while.

  9. I am with you - the second book in the series was the best!

    I am somewhat of a mood reader - I definitely have books that have been sitting for a LONG time and not been read. Part of me feels like they're mine...they'll always be there. Let me read the library's first. LOL

  10. Currently reading Everything Everything and loving it. The Sun is Also a Star was also fantastic. I feel like I am due for a Hunger Games re-read sometime...I've only read them once and loved them. I also really like the movies.

  11. I've heard good things about 'Everything, Everything' but that's not typically my kind of book. The Orphan's Tale sounds excellent for me, though!

  12. You read some great ones this month! I enjoyed the Hunger Games but haven't gone back to read Catching Fire, sounds like I should. I too enjoyed Everything, Everything. I'm adding The Orphan Tale to my tbr list. Pam :)