Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring. Prom Dresses. and The Weekend.

Based on my walk yesterday, spring has arrived. How timely the official start of spring was the same day. :) The one true indicator... flowers are in bloom. 

Which strikes me as incredibly bizarre because a week ago everything was covered in a thick layer of white stuff. 

Snow is not the norm around here, which makes it incredibly exciting when it does happen.
It melted as soon as the snow stopped. 

And then it was Monday. A big day for me. I finally took my GRE test. This has been a major stressor in my life for several months. But it's over now. I treated myself to breakfast before test time at Blue Surf Cafe which is my favorite brunch place in Wilmington. You can see my test prep book in the background, cramming more vocab into my brain at this point.

When I got to my testing center, it was immediate lockdown. You can't have any of your stuff, can't leave the testing place, and can't take more than a minute between most of the 6 separate sections. There is a video monitor, double glass, and sign in/out verification. They don' mess around! 
I was in there for 4 hours taking the GRE. Time did fly by but 4 hours?!? 
That is done. I won't know my official scores for another week.

The rest of the week I subbed every day. All good experiences :) 
On Friday, I knew I wanted to see Beauty and The Beast. I hadn't heard great things about it but I wanted to judge for myself. I liked it. It was different than I expected but still ok. 
I was thinking it would be all dramatic and special effects, like some of the other Disney animated movies they have recreated. Beauty and the Beast has a lot more singing and quirky characters. 

After our Friday movie date, I asked Ky if she would like to go to the library book sale Saturday morning. We went and scored a ton of books. I have never been to a library book sale but oh my goodness. Book lovers paradise! 

And because she had soo much fun with me, she decided to hang with me on Sunday too!
Actually, we didn't get to go to Raleigh last weekend because of husband's work and snow.
This was our (last) prom dress shopping day.
When we walked in and saw all the dresses, I knew we were in the right place.

Her prom dress criteria has made this hunt very challenging.
She knew she wanted cut outs which a popular style this year.
And preferably a front slit.
Not too sparkly or too plain.
She was also hoping for red or navy.
So, pretty much narrowed our options to the bare minimum.
I don't know about you, but I've noticed prom dresses are a bit sparkly.
It's a thing.

I had been rooting for this black dress we found in Wilmington.
But she wasn't in love with it.
And it's her choice :) 

When Ky tried on the green dress, I felt like we found the one.
 She liked it more than the black and her friends liked it more.
Friend approval is super important.

And now, we can cross prom dress off the check list! 
I'm hoping everything else can be handled online. Amazon sells shoes, right?



  1. I love that green dress!!!! :)

  2. Ahhh I LOVE the dress she choose! That is beautiful! Although, I did also really like the black one too! Oh my gosh, the seasons are SO weird. It was snowing here too a week ago, spring hit, and BAM there are flower buds coming out. So bizarre!

  3. I killed my first hornet today, sure feels like spring now

  4. Ahh! So glad you guys found a prom dress she loves!! Looks great! :)

  5. What a beautiful dress! I will be doing the dress shopping thing next year with Katie!