Friday, March 10, 2017

New Groove. Spring Fever. And Prom Shopping.

Life is good. Are you feeling it too? We are finally hitting a new groove after all our post deployment adjustments. I think Florida was key in creating this vibe. I always love a vacation to a new place. Disney was not new but everything else was. I can ride the high for a long time. And it needs to be a long time because our next adventure isn't for a couple months.

I said it in the "Our Week of Florida-ing" post but reading in a hammock is my favorite thing. Tied with chocolate and wine. Preferably by the ocean as well :) I don't necessarily need company...haha
But truly, I'm pretty much obsessing over all the Florida memories this week.

New hair always turns things around. And SnapChat filters with false eyelashes. Lipstick is a bonus :)

After vacation, we all jumped back to our regular routines. I took one day off to get the house in order and then back to subbing. Things have definitely settled down with subbing now that I have a few schools I work with consistently. I'm getting to know the kids and school atmosphere. Those two things make work life flow a lot smoother! Lesson learned.

Speaking of school, the campuses are so different here. More trees for sure. 
Right now, everything is blooming. Spring is here!

Warmer weather means making tough decisions regarding reading and walking the dog. 
Charlie always votes for the book. He does. He says don't worry about it. Someone can do it later 😜

The last thing filling up our week has been prom dress shopping. 
We didn't think she would be able to go due to a family wedding around the same time.
This week we learned prom would be after the wedding.

Now we are in panic mode trying to find a dress.
She hasn't found "the one" yet.
I think we will be visiting Raleigh this weekend.
If we can't find one there, then we are out of luck!
That's the biggest place we've got.
The black dress is my favorite so far. 

Our life is screaming spring right now with all the stuff going on. 
We just need the weather to catch up! 
This photo brings we back to the things I love about coastal Carolina in spring and summer.
Blue skies, white puffy clouds, warmer weather, and warmer water.
Please hurry!



  1. Your hair is gorgeous!!!! :) Have fun dress shopping, Raleigh is definitely a great place to do that.

  2. Your hair looks awesome, and I love that prom dress (even if it isn't "the one" yet)! I hope y'all have a great weekend.

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  3. Love your haircut and YES...Snapchat filters are great!!! Wish I looked like that all the time...LOL
    Have you thought about Rent the Runway? I have a friend who's used that the last couple years for prom dresses and get's some gorgeous gowns from them. I think there is also another site called Charlotte's Closet (?) that's the same idea. Have a great weekend!

  4. So glad you had a nice vacation. That black dress is so pretty!

  5. Your hair is fabulous! Good luck dress shopping.

  6. Your hair is adorable! I've been thinking about cutting mine about the same length. It's been growing for a couple years and seems to be about that time.

  7. That black dress is so pretty! Florida looks lovely! I want to get a hammock for our backyard this summer - I dream of reading in it and taking some good naps!! :)