Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Winter Break. Road Trips. And A New Year.

There is one thing I've never done in his whole military career. Drive back to our home state without him. This year I needed it and I felt comfortable with it. So, I did it. I drove to Iowa and back as the only adult with three kids. And I only got pulled over once!

Living in California for our entire career, I was always apprehensive to make the drive across the desert. No cell reception. No towns or services for miles. I would be up a creek without a paddle if anything happened. So, I either spent the money on four place tickets or stayed home. Since moving to North Carolina, the drive seemed more do-able. And let's face it, I might be the only military spouse who has never driven home without the military member. At least, that is how I feel. It's not the biggest accomplishment one can make (I suppose). However, after 15 hours in the car yesterday, I feel like it!

So, how was the trip? What did we do? Here are some highlights the kids would want me to share:

  • snowy walks
  • sledding
  • family gatherings
  • cousins
  • pigeon hunting
  • horses
  • BABIES!!
  • old toys
  • grandmas
  • soda (or as they say in Iowa--POP!)

One of my highlights was taking Kyli prom dress shopping. My sister, mom, and two nieces joined us. Kyli obliged us each by trying on one dress each of us picked out. She is such a good sport.

Holidays with family is the only way to go during deployment. Even if the struggle requires tolerating arctic temps. No matter how much I love family and family time, this body can never live in Iowa again. California and North Carolina have spoiled me rotten. Snow is a novelty.

Now, we are back to 60 degrees...and raking January.
It's day one back from vacation and I have a million things to do. Yet, here I am writing a blog post. So much better than laundry and grocery shopping and raking :)

Happy New Year everyone! 


  1. So glad you were able to head home! :) It's nice to be able to accomplish that alone.

  2. Yay! I'm glad you were able to drive home! Awesome. Sounds like a great trip. I have driven back to Missouri alone (or now with Annabelle) from all of our bases so far, but Colorado was only 10 hours, Ohio was only 10 hours, and now Texas is only 7 hours... so completely doable for me! I HATE flying, so driving is always less stressful for me. :)

  3. I've never driving home alone (I don't think...). We've never lived even remotely close enough for that.
    I have flown home, spending 24+ hours traveling, alone. It's never fun.
    Enjoy catching up on things....I love getting home from vacations!

  4. Bless you. It's only 12 hours home for me. That's still a long day in the car. The kids and I did road trip from Missouri to CA once though. I didn't have a choice on that one though, since we were picking the car up.

  5. That's great that you were able to drive home without your husband! I have trouble driving 5 hours by myself with a dog, so I don't know how you did 15 hours with 3 kids! It sounds like it was well worth it though!

  6. Good for you for making the drive! I agree that being near family during deployment is good for the soul. We went up to Nashville to be with my sis in law whose husband is gone and then the day we left, she drove back to VA with the kids to spend the rest of break with my in laws. It definitely helps pass the time. Here's to hoping the next few months fly by for you all!