Friday, January 27, 2017

Wilmington. Winter. And A Day Date.

The thing with reunion and reintegration is everyone needs to get their needs met. After doing this parenting thing alone and catering to kids needs for 6 months, I wanted a day away.

Wilmington is the easy answer. Downtown Wilmington with all it's history and eateries. Sometimes, it feels like if you've been to Wilmington once then you've been a hundred times. I learned this does not apply during winter. I didn't realize what an impact seasons have on coastal towns. Wow! We had the entire city to ourselves and it was really nice!

But first, breakfast.

Yummy yummy breakfast. Always a good idea!  #1 Yelp rated restaurants are always a great idea. I don't eat anywhere without consulting my Yelp app :) Blue Surf Cafe is suppose to be the place for breakfast in Wilmington. We wanted to make sure we agreed. Plus, the reviews were all about the hot chocolate and I'm all about the hot chocolate. Win for me!

Charred marshmallows. Finely grated chocolate.
Opps, almost forgot the caramel :)

Next, Downtown Wilmington because it's the likely place to choose.
Riverwalk was first. 11 o clock and had the place all to ourselves.

After walking the length of the river, we headed up to the historic neighborhoods.
They really are beautiful and worth oogling.

After our own walking tour, we took the horse carriage tour. I've wanted to do this as hokey as it seems. There is always a lot of good knowledge to learn from the tour guides.

You just have to remember it. 
For example, this house is important but I don't remember why. 
Clearly I should not be a tour guide!

This is the oldest building in Downtown Wilmington.
The rocks around the foundation were used a ballast in the ships from Europe in the 1700s. when they got to wilmington they were like what are we going to do with these rocks now? 
They were like "hey, let's try this". That's the short version.

We ended the day at the beach for about 2 1/2 minutes. 
Just enough time for me to wave at a helicopter overhead and decide it was cold.
Honestly though, that water is going to be so warm in a few months. 💜

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  1. Downtown Willimington looks awesome! Need any bloggy friend to visit... hehe. ;)Glad you got some much needed adult time!

  2. What a quaint little town!! I love all the different homes you photographed! I guess we need to take a trip up there sometime soon :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  3. I need to get back to Wilmington, there are so many cute shops and delicious restaurants. I miss living in NC.