Monday, January 5, 2015

The Time It Snowed In SoCal

Never in my life did I think I would ever see legitmate snow fall in Temecula. A place which becomes a total oven every year from May to October. Unrelenting heat from sun up to sun down :( I'm dreading summer already!

 Then one crazy day in December (New Year's Eve morning to be exact), the temperature dropped. The rain began to fall. Eventually the rain turned to snow and fell for hours. We all woke up to a blanket of white. Our rooftops, cartops, treetops were white with snow! It felt like we had been given an incredible unrealistic gift. The snow made us all giddy with excitement. We woke up before the sun, danced around in our pajamas, and posted our pictures to FB.
My newsfeed was wild and I couldn't get enough!
Best. New Year's Eve. Ever.

Snowmen Cali-style!

Our community playground became the snow play area. Snowmen and sledding abound.

Snowy landscape view from the park.

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  1. So cool! I grew up with snow every single year (and lots of it), so I can't imagine living somewhere that doesn't get snow... but I know so many people who never see it, so I'm excited for you!!! I love the stuff!

  2. I remember when it snowed it Vegas when I was little, it was the best gift ever haha.

  3. No way!! That's insane!! It's been way warmer than usual here in SC, so it seems like we stole your weather haha!

  4. We got our first snow here today! I spent two hours shoveling snow (my workout for the day!), and we all had a blast playing around in the backyard after school and work. I kind of wish that we had y'alls weather though. Snow for a day and then gone. It's not supposed to get back above freezing here again until next week!