Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Act Your Age.

Age is a funny thing. We spend so much time thinking about how "old" we are. Not until we've far surpassed the year of "old age" do we realize how young we were. Then we find ourselves old again! Eventually, we find decades were wasted on the mentality that 'we are too old' and now we actually are old.

I'm guilty of thinking the "too old" mentality. I think I live a decade ahead of my chronological age. Some might call me an old soul. I never was too interested in being a silly teenager or party girl in college. Don't get me wrong, I had my fun. But I just never fully embraced those years to be carefree. After having babies in my early/mid twenties I thought my life station didn't allow for early twenties behaviors. I needed to be strong and responsible for my family. It didn't help I was playing "single" mom every other year while supporting my Marine in a combat zone. I think the Marine Corps encouraged my old soul to thrive. I have never really embraced my youthfulness. Reaching my 30s has only continued to enhance this "old" feeling.

I have a young friend who recently challenged my belief. A very simple thought that knocked me down a notch, she said "You aren't that old".  She's right. If I think of the possibility of living 30 or 50 years more, then I'm just a baby. Will I only realize my youth ten years down the road? Seems like a waste when you see yourself that way.  I wonder if living as an "old" person makes a person old. If it did, then would that stop us from the mind set. What does it even mean to be too old? Too old for what? There is an old saying, "You are only as old as you feel". Do we ever allow ourselves to be as old as we feel? 

I'm challenging myself this year not feel "old". Age is just a number, right? My biggest challenge is to keep my mind in the now. May the words "I'm old" never leave my lips again. The thought never cross my mind. If those words or thoughts slip, may I have the good sense not to believe them. If this is your truth too, then let's commit together? Lets stop living in the future. We don't have special powers so it's not that spectacular :)
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