Thursday, January 15, 2015

Never Try or Never Fail

Should I be embarrassed to admit I am the girl who asks 'What If I Fall?' I think it's an ingrained personality trait. I wonder if I will hit a mid life crisis some day. Or something that will make me throw caution to the wind. I'm not sure anything else will shake me enough to change me!  

I wonder what makes a person so afraid to fail. And what makes the others so curious they just have to try, even if failure is imminent. What kind of person you are?

How do we get this way? I was always a sensitive child. Striving for perfection. I look around at the children I work with and see similar ones. I can cut a line right down the center, who will try and who will sit on the sidelines afraid to fail. In fact, last week I had a child sitting by a soccer goal watching the other kids play football.

"Johnny, why don't you join the other kids?" I asked.
"I don't really know how to play the game."
"This is the perfect place to try. Everybody is learning."
"Nah." He gave a half smile and went back to watching his friends.

I did not pursue the conversation further. I just walked away. I get it. I would have done the same.

I know there isn't a right or wrong answer. Just differences. I suppose if I could change my ways I would want to be fearless. Or at least more fearless. I wouldn't want to lose my sensible side especially since it balances my husband's (insensible) fearless side :)

All these little personality quirks make the world go round. I'll just embrace it for what it's worth! I'll keep pushing myself to try try again. But not be so hard on myself when I just want to play it safe.

I think I've talked enough today. What type are you? Are you more willing to try or too afraid to fail? Would you change this about yourself?
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  1. I'm afraid of failing, but my willingness to try usually trumps my fear of failing. But then again...when I fail...It becomes complete devastation to me.

  2. I'm totally somewhere in the middle. I guess it just comes down to the situation.

  3. I wish I was a lot more fearless still. I used to be as a teenager but as I get older not so much.

  4. I think I fall somewhere in the middle. I feel like I'm more open to trying new things now. In high school I was sort of awkward and always worried about what the boys would think.