Monday, December 16, 2013

Elf on the Shelf Holiday Happenings

This week in elf news, Buddy has been quite lazy around our house. He must not be feeling in tip top shape. Maybe it's all that running back and forth to the North Pole? Here is what he has managed to do...

Buddy started to slow down after the first several days. 
He sat here for a couple days.

he grabbed a snow globe and propped himself up next to this picture.
He hasn't moved since.
Lazy elf.

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  1. We don't do elf on a shelf because I'm scared of dolls...and I could never think of all those creative ways to pose the elf..but I LOVE looking on IG and FB at what everyone else does with their elves!

  2. I made a calendar at the end of November. I haven't actually kept up with it, but I MADE it!! That counts for something, right!?!?!

    1. A calendar of where the elf hangs what I meant.