Monday, December 30, 2013

Best of Instagram 2013

If you are an Instagram user, I am sure you've seen the cool Statigram montages many have created. It took my daughter and I forever to figure it out. Little did we know there is no Statigram app, we were in desperate need of a Statigram tutorial. In case, you are not tech savvy here is how you make your own Statigram video clip. 

Visit From there, the website is so user friendly anyone can figure it out. After providing your Instagram user name and password, the website accesses your top five "liked" photos are creates a short video. I have loved watching everyone's snippets and plan to create one for myself. My only complaint is there are no explanations for the photos. I want to know more!

This is when I think everyone should have a blog so they can tell me a little background story on each photo. Wouldn't it be nice? While I wait patiently for those without to start blogs, I thought I would do the whole explanation thing here.  Just in case you are like me and want to know all the details of... well... everything! 

Here are the semperfifam top 5 pics on Instagram for 2013 with details!

This picture was taken in Summer 2013 during my husband's promotion ceremony. Never in his whole career (14 years) had I pinned rank on him. I didn't know it would be so difficult nor have so much pressure about placing those chevrons in the exact right place. Our friend standing next to me is coaching me along and trying to stall while I try my best to get that sucker through the fabric. My husband seems to have a look of endearment on his face. However, I know him well enough to know it is more of a "hurry up your making everyone wait" face. But we can pretend!

Homecoming with the kids. My husband came home early from his MEU deployment in February 2013 for medical reasons. It was a rather quick turn around from when he called me from the boat to when he arrived at the San Diego airport. I missed out on an official homecoming with all the hoopla. Cute outfit, signs, spazzing out with your girl friends who waited just as long as you did. Seeing your man in cammies after 7 months of nothing. Yay! 
We had rain and weird staring from other passengers as we reunited at the terminal.
But it still felt good to have him home. 
And no matter where or when homecoming happens, you can't mistake those homecoming smiles. 

This year I choose to Rent the Runway for the Marine Corps ball. I can not say enough about this website. I don't believe I will ever buy a ball gown again. It was easy. Cheaper. And the styles and quality of dresses would be out of my price range otherwise. 
Still in love with this dress!

I hope I have not made a name for myself given my frequent "toasts" on social media. This particular toast was long overdue. After almost a year of job searching, I landed a pretty sweet job.  I can not explain the relief when someone finally picks you. It deserves a social media champagne toast. 
I'm glad you all agreed!

Me and my marine. Marine Corps Ball 2013. 
Always so impressed to see that bling on his chest. 
They don't just hand that stuff out. You gotta work for it.
When it come to the birthday balls, I worry each year won't be fun. I fear the older we get the more out of our element we will be.
This year we proved we can still hang with the young uns!

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  1. Ooo Rent the Runway, what a great idea for a special event!!! That dress is gorgeous, and you look gorgeous in it!!!

    noel @

  2. I love this. I'm going to try to copy this post tomorrow!

  3. I love this post and your year in review on instragram!

  4. I remember all these moments!! (Stalker alert! lol) What a great year. <3

  5. You just saved me from having to figure that out! Thanks!!! And based on these moments, it looks like a pretty good year!

    1. Oh and go to the 'snapshots' tab. Finding that one caused me a little trouble.

  6. I love that you added the meanings behind each of your top five. Thanks for the website!