Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Disneyland Day Trip {summer bucket list}

Who wants to see my pictures from The Happiest Place on Earth?!? I think I have just crossed the line to become "that girl". But since you are here, why not take a scroll down the page.  These pics are from the latest trip with my sister and the kids.  We had a blast and strangled every minute out of the day for a total of 13 hours of Mickey saturated bliss.

In my opinion there is only one way to do Disney, sun up to sun down. Call me crazy but I want to get every red cent out of my ticket. The goal was to be there for the park opening but there was a minor issue with the base gate putting us 30 minutes behind schedule. Heck ya, there's a schedule! Sorry it's engrained, I get paid to plan events. I will humbly admit the schedule issue required a moment of regrouping and some positive self talk, Keep Calm & Carry On. And all was good again. Disneyland here we come.


Tommorrowland is always the first stop. Star Tours, Buzz Lightyear, Autopia, and Space Moutain are all favorites. I have boys remember? There are no other options. My sister and I tricked got all of the kids on Space Mountain. I'm pretty sure the youngest is scarred for life. And the middle one might be too. I could not keep this from you all. Look at this face! Poor baby!  Am I the only parent who catalogs away embarrassing moments and pictures for the dating years? Oh I can't wait.

We spent all morning at Disneyland and went to California Adventure in the afternoon. Total loss because of the newest addition, Cars Land.  I took a ton of pics in Cars Land but we didn't ride a single ride. The lines were insane and simply put not. worth. it. Here is a little taste of what it's all about. No detail left undone. It's kind of the Disney way isn't it?

I promise not to keep you hanging. I'm creating a special Cars Land post, so you can see what all the fuss is about.

After 13 hours of Disney fun, my sister and I vetoed the kid vote and decided to leave. As soon as we got to the parking garage, the fireworks began. Talk about perfect timing.

Wow, I think I have a little Disney high!
I can't wait to put together the Disney California Adventure post.
Stop back soon.  


  1. Looks like you had a blast!! I've never been to Disney Land - but we've been to Disneyworld a couple of times, traveling down from Canada and loved it :) Stopping by from SITS! Welcome :)

  2. That is a looong drive for Disney World! I'm glad it was worth it! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Looks like an awesome time! I grew up (and still live) in LA and even though I've been to d-land many times, I still geek out for it whenever I get to go! My son is 8 months old and I was just asking my hubs last night if he thinks its too soon to take him.

    and I agree, open-to-close is the way to go!

    PS: thanks again for stopping by my blog - great to meet you! I am officially a follower now and will check in often! :)

  4. Maureen, I love that phrase "geek out". I think that explains my reaction. We took my daughter to Disneyland at about 9 months. I'm pretty sure she doesn't remember but the pictures are adorable. LOL! Of course, that was several years ago when tickets were half the price. Yikes for ticket prices now!