Friday, June 1, 2018

Summer Reboot 2018

It's June 1st and that means our SemperFiFam is (almost) on vacation! We have collectively decided to enjoy these crazy hot humid days. No matter what! I've been struggling with the idea of coming back to the blog and questioning if I would be able to maintain writing when life gets busy again. But seriously, why worry about tomorrow?? "Tomorrow will worry about itself." (Matthew 6:34) There are no promises for where this blog is going or what I am doing with it :) I'm just missing writing, documenting, and having these conversations with you. 

Yes, our life feels crazy right now. We are months away from leaving our active duty military life. Our oldest is college bound, out of state no less. We are thinking about jobs, houses, relocation, etc etc. And wouldn't you know, all the sudden I am worried and fearful over just about everything. Weird fears too. Stuff that has never really hit the radar for my attention and you know what everyone tells me? "It's because you have so many unknowns you can't control". Strangely, many people say that to me. I don't understand how that translates to fear but it sorta makes sense. Writing helps me lay everything out and process it. I know my 'WORDS' people totally get that. Another reason for coming back to the blog.

This summer, I would just like to write and take pictures and share them with you. Back to the basics of blogging over here. Come September, the crickets might move back in?? I'm just taking one day at a time! Welcome back long time friends and hello new friends. I'm looking forward to getting to know you!


  1. Glad you're back!
    And yes, I've had some odd worries in the last few months and it's different than the worry/anxiety I've had before. Sometimes it does help to blog about it?
    Hope you have a great summer planned :)

  2. So glad to see you back!!!! :)

  3. Welcome back! Please use us as a sounding board, we are more than happy to support you! And as a college staff member of a major university, I'm happy to be a sounding & advice board for you and your student!

  4. Hey, Hey! Welcome back. Have y'all decided where you're going to land after retirement?