Friday, June 8, 2018

My Summer Has Begun

The day I've waited for all year. My last day of work for the summer! I'm free and it feels so good! I completed my second year of subbing at the elementary level. This year I worked for two schools in the same district which helped to control my stress compared to my first year hopping around to multiple schools through the week. Luckily, some very smart readers advised me NOT to do that, so I stopped doing that! Thank you for sharing that :) Subbing is tough no matter how well organized you are. So I'm exhausted! *haha* But I am happy to have employment in a tough job market.

What am I doing with all my free time? Great question! There will be so many beach days, mostly documented because the beach is amazing here!

There will be running and races because I'm vowing to BE a runner. It just has to happen! I have no other hobbies (besides reading), so this is it! All my eggs in one basket. Lucky me, I have a built in partner who will push me to run when I don't want to.

And our local running club is AMAZING! Real people running at all levels, paces, and distances. Plus, craft beer and socializing after your run. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that?

There will also be reading because it's me!

And adventuring because that is how our SemperFiFam does life! 

And there will be coming to terms with the fact that my oldest is 18, graduating high school, and headed to college out of state :( Let's avoid talking about that for another week, m'kay?!?

It's summer friends! Let's enjoy every moment.


  1. I love following along with your summers! That running club looks like so much fun, and being so close to the beach is amazing!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  2. yay for summer!!!!! :) The running club sounds amazing!

  3. I subbed when we lived in VA and I only had a few schools I would do too. It's so much better and that way you get to know the teachers. :)

  4. I taught for 26 years and I know for a fact what a difficult job subbing can be. It is definitely much better to pick a school or two and only sub there. You get to know the kids and teachers which makes your job as a sub that much easier. I hope you've had many wonderful days this summer on the beach and that you've enjoyed running. I used to run but had to scale back to walking in the last year. I miss running so much! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am looking forward to following along with you on your blog.

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