Friday, September 29, 2017

Friday Favorites

Hello Weekend! Hello end of September. And finally hello to some fall-isa temperatures. I just spent the morning in New Bern needing a jacket. By the time I returned home, it was 81 :( We take what we can get but October better be bringing the real fall weather. Until then, I'm pretty sure I'm slowly melting.

Enough of all that, let's talk Favorites on this Friday! My number one favorite is shorter hair. I was ready to chop that mess right off and I did. It takes me 6 minutes to do my hair now. I really like that. I also went a little lighter and now none of the kids in my classrooms recognize me. They all give me that puzzled look like I think I know you :) Kids are so cute.

Books are always a favorite. When our local library does their bi-annual book sale, we are all in. This time I took my child who loves to read. Yes, he found some things :)

We also found some books for the Little Free Library.

My Little Free Library is still going strong in the neighborhood. I don't quite get the traffic I had hoped for but a handful of books get taken every week.

Marching Band is a current favorite taking up all weekends. It's fun to see the kids improve week after week. I know they work hard and it shows. Their first competition is next weekend which is exciting for them. 

My last favorite this week is the 6th Annual Great Pumpkin Swap hosted by Kristin and Rebeckann. I participated last year and enjoyed my experience so much. If you follow the links I provided you can signup there. I believe signups end on Friday, October 6th, 2017. If you love a blogger swap, I encourage you to check this one up. It's a simple fall themed swap in October. Swaps are a great way to connect with other bloggers. I am still connected in some way with all of my swap partners I've had in various swaps since 2012. You definitely get to know people on a deeper level.

I hope you are enjoying some favorites lately too!

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  1. Your hair looks darling. I wish I could do mine in 6 minutes...I dread doing it everyday. We think those little free library's are the cutest idea. My friend I stay with in Nashville have one on their street. I'm going to check out the blog swap. Have a great weekend, Nicole!!! XO

  2. Thanks for sharing the swap! I'm excited to shop for it, and sign ups do still go until 10/6.
    I love the shorter hair...I wish I was that brave right now.

  3. I am loving your hair!!! It looks so cute!

  4. Your hair looks fabulous! Those are some good books that you have there.