Thursday, September 7, 2017

Dear Texas, You Rock!

If you've been around any Texan for about 5 minutes (or more like 3 minutes), you soon learn how highly they think of their state. Don't get me wrong, I love all my Texas friends. They truly are the kindest and most genuine people that I have every met. And a fun but strange fact, most of the blogs I read are also Texans. So, clearly I am drawn to their Southern hospitality :) When we started to think about retirement, Texas was always on the short list. The problem was Texas is not California. And I do love California.

However, the past 10 days has shown me and the whole world why Texans think they are the best and  why that is probably true! The way people and businesses have stepped up to help others has been no less than heroic. I don't remember ever seeing a hurricane hit city with people so willing to help and seemingly sacrifice for those in need. It's the epitome of what American should be about. All I can say is WOW. Thanks for being the example Texas!

And don't forget $5million dollars the store owner donated as well. My wonderful cousin lives in Austin and every day she updates me on the amazing things HEB store is doing to help hurricane victims. I've never been to HEB but apparently it's pretty great! 

I've watched countless videos of people helping. A mix of people like you and me and people you might think are above getting their hands dirty in flood waters. I watched an athletic team unload a semi trailer of donated goods into a gym. I thought isn't their coach having a fit over possibilities of injury or exhausting their muscles before a game. I mean we know how highly esteemed athletes are in America. And yet, the people who decide postponed the game so the players could help. I loved that!

The donations were amazing too. I hope the amount of money raised helps many people to rebuild. Although the dollar amount rises, there has been significant widespread devastation. Hurricane Harvey was unique.  The amount of rain that fell on the coast was unbelievable. I have faith the same giving and helping spirit will be seen in months to come.  

Although, we may not have decided this week where our forever home will be. Texas is more of a serious contender. Those people on the television are our kind of people. I think we could fit in :) Texans you have rocked life these past weeks. You deserve to brag a little :)

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  1. I think it has been amazing too. Texans definitely believe in grabbing life by the horns, getting dirty and helping out a neighbor. They aren't going to wait for someone to help them. They are going to start fixing the problem right away.

  2. Haha there's a meme going around on Facebook that says something about if you thought Texans were proud before, just wait to see what happens after Harvey. We definitely do love our state and we have so much pride, and I think that it's just grown so much more after watching everybody come together to help with Harvey. HEB is the best grocery store of all time, and we love it so much! You definitely need to make a trip to see how amazing it is, and not just because they donated so much time and effort and money for all of the Harvey victims.

  3. I'd vote for Texas for sure, Nicole!!! They really do take care of their own from what I can see. I love the picture of the trucks with all the boats. I'm not a Texan, but that just makes me proud!

  4. Well, you know how I feel about Texas! I've been a loyal HEB shopper for 15+ years now. The quality of their products is amazing, but their leadership and staff are awesome. This is a great article where they interviewed Scott, one of our Houston HEB leads: