Monday, February 1, 2016

Idyllwild Snow

 Sorry East Coasters--you probably won't find this post one bit amusing. Given you just got hammered by Winter Storn Jonas. However, in California we try our best to get our winter snow fix when we can.  You can try Disneyland in December or trek to the mountains for the day.  Our self contained winter escape from all this summery weather. Sorry, it's too easy to rub that in!

Idyllwild is one of our favorites. It's our escape from city life. In the winter, Idyllwild is our novelty snow play area. It feels like secluded retreat--which is free AND not so populated. I'm gonna miss this place!

Our real life Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

This is my favorite. Me: "Hey, honey let's take a family selfie"  Husband: *click*


  1. I love this!! :) That last picture is awesome haha.

  2. Fun! That's how I like my snow...I go to it and then I leave it.