Saturday, July 25, 2015

That Face Though!

Gaahh! He walked out of the kennel and into the meet and greet area. I gasped 'Oh no!' Out loud because sometimes I forget to filter. I thought to myself, 'A pitbull'. A pit bull said with disappointment and a little disgust. See I'm one of those people who buy into the stereotypes for dog breeds. I know, I know you have the sweetest pit bull who would never hurt anything. And I'm sure that is true. But I don't really believe you. Because the media has convinced me pit bulls are vicious animals. In fact, when it comes to pet fostering I have a strick no-certain-type-of-dogs rule. 

What is that saying? Rules are made to be broken? Well aren't they?  Not a motto I typically live by. However, there was something about this guy. He was so gentle and friendly with all of us. All of us including Charlie who is 100% diva at all times. When we go to pick up these fosters, Charlie ultimately decides. If he doesn't snap at them for smelling his butt, then we figure that is approval enough. One hurdle down, second hurdle…figuring out the breed of this familiar looking face. I straight up asked what the kennel tech thought this "Cattle dog" was mixed with. Wouldn't you know They couldn't quite say... Maybe a lab???  Ms Gullible, 'oh ok. I can see that. I guess.' But the minute we got in the van with Jack, I had this suspicion we were bringing home a pit bull. And I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it. 

We've had him all of 10 hours and we are definitely loving his personality. Which happens with all our fosters. Charlie picks some pretty smart doggies! Submissive pup, too. Just the way Charlie likes them! Jack is very gentle and mellow. The neighbor's dogs have not been very welcoming. They have been barking up a storm about the newbie.  Charlie plays the cool kid and sides with the neighbor dogs. Which means standing behind Jack barking at him. Poor Jack! All he wants to do is play. He is very social. Wow, look at all these stereotypes Jack is breaking!   I'm starting to feel like a little bit of a jerk. Anyways, with all this harassing Jack hasn't barked or growled back. In fact, he seems to be a little intimidated by all the noise. 

Maybe, once Jack gets comfortable with us he will bite someone or attack another dog?? I mean if Jack is part pit then it should be expected right?!? Or maybe not? I may see all my assumptions disproved by this adorable mix breed :) What ever that mix may be! And who knows I could be wrong. What do you guys think? What breeds would you guess Jack is?

I mean really…that face though!


  1. I'm scared of pits still, to be quite honest, because of all the horror stories I've heard. I've been around them before and ppl told me "he's soo loving he won't bite" but then I'm still nervous. I've heard it has to do with the owners experience with the breed. He is a cutie though! And he sounds like he's been socialized already which is 90% of the battle with ANY breed. I have an elderly small dog who never was socialized properly and she's not very nice.
    Side note, my husband had a Rottweiler as a child and he said it was the most loving dog ever and I've heard horror stories about those dogs as well. All the best on your journey with your new pet!! You should post more pics of him! Become a crazy dog person with me and some of my blogger friends! Lol xxoo

  2. I'll admit he doesn't look like a cattle dog, but if he is part cattle dog, he's got to be awesome. Our dog is a blue heeler mix and he is the smartest, most well behaved dog ever.