Friday, July 3, 2015

Daytrippin to Long Beach

I'm a little stunned it is Friday. This week was a fast one, huh? Here we are in July and I can see the end of summer just on the horizon :( Maybe I'm just being a tinge dramatic?!? I'm not sure why I feel this way. I guess the beginning of July is to summer's end as Halloween is to Christmas. Once those dates arrive, time seems to hit the fast forward button. I'm trying my best to enjoy every day. Soak up every minute of free time.

This week we had a to drive to Long Beach for a summer camp rally night. The boys are both going to YMCA sleep away camp this month. They are super excited about it! We bought sleeping bags tonight. Zac couldn't be more thrilled! He came home and packed his fanny pack with all the essentials, just in case, he gets lost in the woods. Which does wonders for my nerves already thinking of sending them off for a week in the mountains. At least, I know Zac will be safe with his flashlight and cough drops!!

While in Long Beach, we stopped by the Aquarium of the Pacific. We have been laying low this summer so it was time for a fun outing. And the aquarium was fun! The kids got to interact with some unique animals.

Feeding the lorikeets was my favorite. The boys each has a cup of food which attracted some pretty brave birds. The boys were ok when with a lorikeet on their hand. When birds climbed up to the shoulder and then on top of their head, the boys were getting a little squeamish. I don't blame them. All the fluttering around my head freaked me out a little.

The shark tank was pretty cool too. I know the shark community is really under fire these days. 
A thick glass between you and those teeth always put things into perspective again. Stay out of their tank and you will live a long life. End PSA.

My last favorite is the jelly fish petting tank.
Never have we ever is the best way to put it.
I didn't even think you touch jellyfish without getting stung.
So... if it were on the bucket list we could cross that off ;)