Saturday, August 23, 2014

ShopKick Therapy

It was inevitable Friday night would be a Shopkick kind of night. After the week I had I really wanted to flatline in Target for an hour. My happy place. My husband texted from his faraway location "Are you home?" And I thought 'Yes yes I am. My second home. Where everything is neatly in its place and color coordinated in every nook and cranny'. I wish my home looked like Target.

Have you heard of Shopkick? It's an app you can use to earn gift cards by scanning items in stores. Sometimes, all you need to do is walk into a store to earn points for gift cards. To give you an idea of how fast things add up, I have been using Shopkick for 4 months and I've earned $55 in gift cards. Not too shabby!

After our Target Shopkick spree, we headed to Kohls to spend my $30 of free money. A bonus from our Back To School shopping. I was hoping to finally check those gray Converse off my Must Have list.  But my big boats were not having it. No Converse for this girl. My feet are a little too large ;) So I settled for a new cutting board and measuring cups. Both  items in dire need of replacing.

Oh and I have to share my big win from Airing My Dirty Laundry. A bug exploration kit. My kiddos at work will be so excited. We will definitely have a nature walk soon with our new goodies. Thanks Orkin!

Now I've got the whole weekend ahead of me. My goal is relaxation!

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  1. Oh my goodness I love Shopkick! (and Target...) I am saving up for the Tiffany's gifttcard though so it's going to be a while before I get to spend it haha.

  2. I've never used Shopkick. I think I may have to download it now for sure!

  3. I used to have shopkick, but for a while, we only had a Walmart where we were stationed. I'll have to download it again, now that I'm in Target at least once a week.