Tuesday, July 25, 2017

National Museum of the Marine Corps Adventure

This post is me making good on my promise yesterday in our Washington DC Day 1 post. The Marine Corps museum would get its very own post. There was just so much to see that I couldn't squish it all into the DC post. Plus Marine Corps...Marine Corps family...it just makes sense!

 I'm sure most of you didn't even know there was a museum (this large) dedicated to the Marine Corps. I wouldn't have either if not for the Marine husband. I feel like visiting the Marine Corps museum has inducted our family into the Super Moto Marine Corps Family Hall of Fame or something. There may be a special spot for you too ;) If you're a Marine Corps family, then it seems like it should be some kind of requirement to visit.  Although, a visit is still totally optional, I admit it was pretty cool. I'm so glad we went!

I'm in love with the outside of the museum. It makes a pretty powerful statement for the Marine Corps. Everything is a little over the top in the best way. 

The inside of the museum is filled with the full history and happenings of the USMC. There is no denying this museum is 110 percent devoted to the history and operations of the United States Marine Corps. The museum is filled with pictures, paintings, weapons, and gear dating back all the way to 1775.

This was my favorite painting in the museum. Norman Rockwell. I love the details in the picture don't even need an explanation and you get it.

Another really moving painting.

There was also a pretty cool spotlight for a squadron near and dear to our hearts.

Definitely a highlight at the museum.

Before we went on our way, we popped into the boot camp section of the museum. Here is dad "explaining" what happens when you get off the bus and meet your drill instructor. Good Marine family fun ;)

 Here is a link to The National Museum of the Marine Corps if you would like more information.

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  1. So cool! I'd cry 2 seconds into bootcamp!

  2. I would love to see this museum! Love American History and VERY thankful for our troops!

  3. I've heard amazing things about this museum! I've only seen it in passing but it looks incredible.

  4. Well those are all great pics, but hands down my fav is your husbands boot camp illustration. (I'd probably pee my pants) I remember so many times passing that museum on 95 (or is it 64...been gone too long) going into DC. You are right, it's an impressive structure and I'm sure extra meaningful to visit if you are a Marine family like y'all. Thanks for sharing.