Monday, November 7, 2016

Airlie Gardens Wilmington

What is more Southern than a live oak with Spanish moss?

Swans swimming in a pond?

Or fountains and Italian sculptures in overgrown gardens?

I think I can check them all of the list after my visit to Airlie Gardens in Wilmington.

This is one of the major attractions in Wilmington. 
The volunteer who so graciously escorted me around on her golf cart told me this property used to be owned by a railroad investor, Pembroke Jones.
I was quite impressed because the grounds covers 10 acres and is quite extravagantly landscaped for private property.  

I'm sure sculptures like this have been added since it was sold to New Hanover county.

As you can see, there are pergolas, fountains, and lakes which were created when it was private property. 

There are lots of flowers, 
as there should be in a garden :)
Azaleas...Wilmington's claim to fame...
Azalea capital of the world!
(I have noticed NC likes to dub themselves the capital of the world or best in the world for many many things. I want to know how they actually know that.)

The butterfly house only had 2 butterflies in there. 
All that space for 2 little butterflies.
There were also 2 little lizards which could be quite telling.
I don't know what lizards eat but I hope it's not butterflies!

I going to bring your attention back to the Airlie Oak tree. 
I've never seen such tall oak trees before. 
Did I tell you the tree is over 400 years old?

Isn't that amazing?
What a perfect place for a wedding.
Maybe I should divorce my husband, so we can get re-married here.
He doesn't think I'm funny when I suggest that.
No matter how great the wedding location is.

Now, this is something I envision when I think of the South!


  1. So beautiful! Too bad its too far away for Jake and I to have our wedding at!

  2. All of these photos are fantastic!! I looove Live Oaks so much! Did you know you can use Spanish Moss to decorate (centerpieces, etc) if you just microwave it for 30 seconds? A friend told me that recently, and I've used it for accents a few times. So perfectly Southern :)

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  3. I absolutely love Wilmington! It is one of my favorite places.